Friday, December 13, 2019

How to Plan Ahead for Christmas Peace

By: Sarah Geringer 

Today's devotion is an excerpt from my book Christmas Peace for Busy Moms.

Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

Isaiah 26:12

This year I have made a promise to myself to conquer procrastination with planning.  Procrastination is a familiar, toxic companion of mine.  It destroys my peace by upsetting me right before big events.  But if I tackle one regular task and one holiday task daily, I can wipe out December procrastination.     
I am searching for make-ahead recipes which freeze well, especially cookie dough.  My peace will multiply if I only need to thaw dough out, slice or roll, and bake in busy December since I did all the prep and cleanup ahead.

I plan to wrap gifts as I buy them.  Rather than using wrapping paper and tape, I will use tissue paper to cover the gifts with an attached gift receipt, then drop them into one designated gift bag per person.  If I need more than one gift bag per person, I can easily adjust it later.  I want to spend less time wrapping this year and more time enjoying peace with my family.

This year I plan to delegate more tasks to my children.  They are able to help more at their current ages than in years past.  They can do one task while I’m doing another.  For example, I need to start asking them to put away clean dishes while I cook dinner every night, and vacuum on a regular basis.  Teamwork will create a more peaceful December for all of us.

I’m thinking about cutting out peace-buster projects.  What is your peace-busting project that needs to go?  Christmas cards?  Light displays?  Cleaning up after a live tree?  I’m thinking through what can go this year so I can experience more peace.  If I miss it too much, I can always add it back in next year. 

I’m planning ahead for peaceful conversations with several loved ones.  I can avoid touchy subjects and move forward with peaceful subjects.

I’m planning to set aside my anxious feelings and dwell on the peace Jesus has established for me.  I’m planning to reflect on all the ways he has worked through me this year, and to thank him for all he has accomplished in my life. 

Which plans will bring you more peace this year, and which plans will also create peace for others in your world?


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for establishing peace for me. You are the ultimate planner. Help me plan ahead for greater peace in the days before Christmas this year. I want to plan ahead so I can celebrate the birth of Jesus with peace. Give me guidance on where a little more planning will help me share peace with others.

In Jesus' name,


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Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings and God's peace to you,

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