Wednesday, December 11, 2019

He Will Give Us Rest

By: Jenifer Metzger

The holiday season is beautiful! There is so much to love and so many memories to be made. But for some, the holidays can be difficult.

With the holidays come such a rush and busyness. We say we are going to slow down and enjoy the season. We say we aren't going to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. We say we are going to focus on the true meaning of the season. Yet, by the time Christmas gets here, we are once again overwhelmed and stressed.

He will give us rest.

For some, the holidays are difficult due to the loss of a loved one. We try to enjoy the season but memories flood and our heart aches for the one we miss.

He will give us rest.

For others, the holidays are good, but we are reminded of a broken relationship. Maybe that relative that is hard to get along with or maybe the one that won't come around. We walk on egg shells to avoid a conflict. We feel so on edge that the day becomes stressful.

He will give us rest.

If the Christmas season brings stress, heartache, loneliness, or pain, remember that God will go with you and give you rest. Let Him be a part of your season. Let Him hold you up when you feel like you just don't have it in you to stand anymore. Let Him bring joy to your heart when it is breaking in two. Let Him wrap His arm around you when you are hurting. Let Him cover your mouth when you need to let things go. Let Him open your heart when you need to forgive. Let Him be what you need.

Friend, God is with you this holiday season. He is always with you. Enjoy your Christmas knowing that He will give you the rest you need.

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  1. He truly does bring the rest we need - when all is done and everyone has gone home, He leaves me filled with His peace and rest. Blessings!
    My post today:

  2. It's so important for me to keep remembering again and again that Emmanuel is "God with us". This is what Christmas is about. Such a beautiful reminder of that in your words here today.

    I wrote a round-up of 9 lessons I learned about HOPE this year:

  3. What a lovely post and needed reminder.

    I wrote this week about remembering our loved ones even if they've forgotten us.

  4. How easy it is to let the celebration of Jesus's birth go off the rails into something else, when he came to bring us peace and rest.
    I'm reviewing singer/songwriter/author Andrew Peterson's book here:


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