Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Prayer for Teachers

By: Jenifer Metzger

It is back to school time for kids all over the world. It is also back to school time for teachers all over the world.

Teachers work hard. They put in their hours at school, and many hours at home. They often have to use their own money to purchase things. They worry about that child who just isn't getting the concepts. They fret over the child who comes to school hungry day after day. They feel unease when a child comes to school with a bruise, wondering if the child's story is true or should they report it. And sadly, with all the crime in the world the past few years, they worry for the safety of the students, as well as their own.

As teachers all over the world go back to school, please join me in praying this prayer. If you are a teacher, please comment with what grade you teach, I'd be honored to pray for you by name.


As teachers begin to make their way to classrooms everywhere, we want to lift them in prayer. First, I thank You, Father. These teachers truly are special. They work hard and care for our kids. Thank You for the passion You placed inside their heart.

We ask You Father to keep the teachers safe. Protect them physically. We ask that you keep your angels encamped in their classrooms and their homes. Protect them as they try to protect our kids. Let no harm come to them in any way. We bind and cast out all evil plans the enemy thinks he has for them. We ask You to replace the enemy's evil schemes with blessings on their life. Protect them mentally. When they are run down, tired, stressed, give them what they need. Help them as they teach concepts to our kids, show them what each child needs to learn. Let the teachers have a clear and sound mind. Protect them emotionally. When they need to step in and intervene for a child or family, give them strength. When life tries to weigh them down, lift them up. Protect them spiritually. When our Christian teachers are bombarded with the world day in and day out, help them to remain strong in their faith. Let them be a Light that shines to a dark world.

We ask You Father to walk beside the teachers every day. Lead them, speak to them, instruct them. Give them words that help a child to feel loved and special. Give them wisdom to help a child grow and blossom. Bless their relationships with other faculty, let there be no competition or cruel words. Let their be unity among the staff as they all go in with one purpose: to help children learn and grow. Give the teachers health. Let no illness come to them. Help them to get the proper nutrition and sleep their bodies need and protect them from all illness.

And last, we ask You Father to bless their personal life. Be the center of the family and home. Help them to always intentionally make time for You. Let Bible reading and prayer be a priority. Let church attendance and serving others be important. Help them to sleep well at night and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. At the end of the school year we pray that they can look back and say it was a blessed year.

We ask all of this in Your name,

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  1. I appreciate this prayer, Jenifer. My daughter Jenna is a 1st grade teacher (started back last Thursday) so I prayed it for her as I read through.

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  2. Beautiful prayer! Teachers need it so much--what a daunting task they have. Yet God is able to enable them.

    I wrote this week wondering how it happens that people who profess to have walked with the Lord for years can walk away and to encourage us to make sure we truly know God:

  3. I've been married to a nearly 30 year veteran teacher, and the field is becoming ever more challenging. Thank you for this call to awareness and prayer!
    I have been blessed to share these thoughts on prayer at Sun Sparkle Shine:

  4. Jenifer, this prayer is so appreciated as my granddaughters return to school soon. May we be faithful to keep teachers in prayer all year long.
    My post today:

  5. What a timely post for teachers as they return to school. On my blog this week, Melanie Pickett shared 5 things you need to know about domestic violence And, I published a post with 15 Bible Verses when you need peace

  6. Jennifer, it was such a sweet prayer for teachers. I have so many friends and family members who are teachers, so I prayed this prayer for them. This week on my blog I wrote about teaching our kids about prayer,

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