Friday, June 14, 2019

How the Sky Inspires Our Praise

By: Sarah Geringer

The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known.
Psalm 19:1-2 NLT
When did you last look into the night sky? It's been a while for me. I live in the woods, which covers up most of the night sky. Yet since I am blessed to live in a rural area, I can see the stars fairly easily on a clear night.

The night sky is a beautiful reminder of our place in this world.
It makes me feel somewhat small. The vastness of stars, millions of miles away, remind me that I'm just one part of God's creation. My life is a vapor, yet it is of priceless value in his eyes. The stars cause me to say, "Wow!" out loud to God.

The daytime sky is just as glorious. Ever since we got a Labrador puppy this spring, I've enjoyed early (yes, 5:00 a.m.) morning walks. My Memphis and I get to see the sun rise over country fields. The colors from God's paintbrush are amazing!

Whether I see clouds or sun in the daytime sky, I see God's handiwork. They truly praise him day after day. They show his might, power, and majesty. His glory shines through sunbeams, lightning bolts, and snow clouds.

My favorite view of God's creation has always been the sunset. I must drive to see it, because the trees in our woods block the view. But the short drive is worth it. When God sets the sun below the horizon, I revel in the multicolored beauty left behind.

I encourage you today to lift your eyes to the skies. Use them as your springboard for praise. God loves to hear your voice lift praises to him. Take what you see and craft it into a moment of praise and worship. Your spirit will be lifted, and God will give you peace as you look at his masterful creation in awe.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings and God's peace to you,

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Reflection questions:

1. Where is the best place for you to view the night sky? A sunset? A sunrise?

2. What time will you look at the sky today and praise God? Go ahead, set a timer to remind you!

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  1. I looked last night, we had a high half moon and one star off to the side after many days of storms and rain.


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