Sunday, June 16, 2019

Abba Father...

This Sunday we celebrate Father's Day.  No earthly father is perfect, but some people are blessed to have a father who lovingly tried his best to be a good dad. There are many others who had a father who failed them, who left them, who hurt them, and for them Father's Day may be difficult.  If you grew up with a loving father, thank God and remember to tell your dad how much you appreciate him. If your father failed you in some way, I pray that you will allow God to take you through the process of forgiveness and healing. (If you're interested, here's the story of my journey of forgiveness  towards my dad. Click here for part one  part two  part three)

On the Saturday before Father's Day quite some years ago, I was mourning the lack of fathering I had experienced in my childhood. Very clearly, God interrupted my thoughts and reminded me that He had stepped up to the plate for me when my own daddy had left me. He had become my Abba Father, not just some abstract, cold and impersonal, far away sovereign of the universe, but my heavenly Daddy. When I needed a shoulder to lean on, He was there. When I needed to talk, He was a ready listener. When I needed a protector and a provider, He never failed to take care of me. As God reminded me what a Faithful Father He was to me, I said aloud in worship and gratitude, "Happy Father's Day!" to Him, tears of love and appreciation streaming down my face. Every Father's Day since that time I've never mourned the fathering I didn't have, I've remembered the Father Who stepped in and adopted me as His own and lovingly cared for me. 

When you received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, Father God adopted you as His own. God wants to step up to the plate for you wherever your earthly father has failed you. He wants you to know Him as your very own loving, faithful Abba Father. 


  1. Dear Elizabeth, I'm one of those people who was blessed with a terrific dad. I'm sure that helped lay a strong foundation for a relationship with our Heavenly Father. It's also made me increasingly aware of those who weren't similarly blessed. Praise God, He wants to share life with every one of His children!

    1. What a blessing a good daddy is! My favorite good memory of my daddy is that He told me, "We named you Elizabeth because it means consecrated to God." That simple sentence took deep root in my mind and heart and I always knew that I belonged to God.

  2. So many of us have experienced this same lack, Elisabeth, an even from mothers. I am so grateful for how God has reminded me also of his 'stepping up' to fill those places of deep longing.


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