Sunday, March 10, 2019

Your Glorious Hero...

This morning I woke up with a nagging worry/fear on my mind. A simple comment about something someone read that makes some people more prone to a certain horrific disease started it. I don't consider myself a person who struggles a lot with worry and fear, but, of course, the enemy knows what to do to trigger the areas where fear and worry hide within.

I'm reading through my New Living Translation One Year Bible this year...sauntering through it might be a more accurate statement. I'm not rushing to get through it in a year and I'm trying to be sensitive to the leading of God's Spirit when He wants me to follow some sort of cross referencing scriptural bunny trail or He wants to direct me to read something different than the chapters allotted for the day I am on. This morning, as I brought my worry/fear into the light of God's presence, I felt that I was to read Psalm 91 today. I read it in several translations, and it ministered to my heart so much that I thought I'd share it here with you. After all, God's Word can certainly do more for you than more words from me!


  1. Elizabeth...your blog posts come up in my e-mail; I admit that I don't read every one, but I should. :-) This evening, I re-read Psalm 91 in the NLT (I generally use my NIV, but have added the NLT and NKJV this year)...and was reminded of "my place of safety" if I "live in the shelter of the Most High...and find rest in the shadow of the Almighty." My own belief has become rather lifeless in the past year and I'm struggling because I'm doubting the strong promises in this Psalm.

  2. I've pretty much dealt with worry most of my life. Not sure where it came from, but so glad with being a Christian and finally studying God's word, the worry has lessened so much. I will need to reread Psalm 91. Thanks for sharing. :) Have a great week.

    Peabea from Peabea Scribbles


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