Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Finding Your Beauty

By: Jenifer Metzger

As women we desire to be beautiful. We spend time on hair and makeup, we shave our legs, we apply wrinkle prevention creams, we pluck and wax our eyebrows, we drink water to keep our skin hydrated, we paint our nails, we wear shoes that kill our feet, oh sister, does any of this sound familiar?

We do all we can to be beautiful, yet the Word of God tells us that beauty is fleeting. God isn't saying that we grow "ugly" as we age, absolutely not! However, the world's view of beauty changes from decade to decade, even from year to year. And no matter how much wrinkle cream you apply. age will bring fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, worldly beauty is fleeting.

If beauty is fleeting, how can we find our beauty? By being a woman who fears the Lord.

There are women who may not meet the world's ridiculous standards of beauty, but they are stunning because of their relationship with God. When we have God in us, when we truly surrender our lives to Him, and when we truly live for Him, beauty radiates from the inside out. His glory and His beauty make us beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with makeup, nail polish, or high heels. Yet, what if we add something far more important than under eye cream and facial scrubs to our beauty regimen. Let's add Bible reading and prayer to our daily beauty routine. Let's add church attendance and tithes to our weekly beauty routine. Let's add the Fruits of the Spirit to our beauty routine. When we do this, God's beauty will shine through.

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  1. This year my word is "fruit" as the Lord led me to Galatians 5:22-23. May we seek fruit, and beauty, that lasts. Blessings!

  2. Great post! Often it seems the people most filled with this kind of beauty are the least conscious of it. May we trust the mirror of God's Word more than the one in our bathrooms.

    1. Yes! May we trust the mirror of God's Word more! Thanks for stopping in Barbara!

  3. Yes, the inner beauty is not fading when it's a fruit of righteousness!

    1. So true, righteous inner beauty doesn't fade! Thanks for stopping in Michele!

  4. Oh, yes. Allowing God's light to shine through us is the way to true beauty. Thank you for your very wise words!

    1. Amen, God's light shining through is beauty! Thanks for stopping in!


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