Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ten Ways to Enjoy the Season

By: Emily Miller

You either love the season of change or loathe it. I am here to give you suggestions on how you can enjoy and embrace the season of change.

1. Make it a point to get back into the Word on a consistent basis. Summer can be a busy time, and in this time it can be easy to fall out of your devotional routine. If you already have a solid devotional routine, make an effort to change it up to dig deeper into the world.

2.  Take a walk in the cooler, crisp weather. Fall can actually be quite beautiful of a season if you really stop, take time out of your busy day to thank God for the beauty of his creation.

3. Curl up in your favorite blanket on a cool fall night. Enjoy your favorite beverage (I would recommend apple cider) and read a book. It is all right to relax and take some time for yourself every once in a while.

4. Fall is supposed to be a season of thankfulness. Express this gratitude to the significant others in your life by writing them a letter.

5. Start a gratitude journal. List a few things you are thankful for each day and keep it going until next year!

6. Take cookies to the police department or firemen near your home. They could use a display of gratitude not just at this time a year, but any time of year.

7. Try to learn something new! A new year is not the only time to take on new things. Who knows, you may even get into something you will enjoy doing as a new hobby.

8. Even if you are not into sports, go to a local high school or college football game or maybe just simply go outside to toss a football around as a family.

9. Pick apples or pumpkins as a family.

10. If you have never painted or carved pumpkins, mix it up, have some fun and do so! You don't have to go the traditional Halloween route when you think of carving pumpkins. You can carve or paint inspirational sayings or scripture verses on them. Or, if you are anything like me, you can paint or carve pumpkins into something representing an aspect of your favorite book, tv show, or movie.

So there you have it, ideas to take a step back and enjoy the season of change. Have a good weekend and God bless!



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