Friday, September 22, 2017

Praying Specific Prayers for our Family - Part 1

I’ve talked about prayer before and especially the importance of prayer in our prayer ministry for our families, but I thought I would get specific this week on the importance of what we pray for over our families.  This week I wanted to start with our children and using specificity.  We know that it’s important to pray that as young people they will come to find the Lord as their Savior and likely regularly pray for that to happen. (If you are not, you should!)

But there are lots of other things to pray for as our children mature! 
  • Pray for their health
  • Pray for their friends
  • Pray for their interactions with others
  • Pray for their speech
  • Pray for their choices
  • Pray for their weaknesses
  • Pray for their teachers
  • Pray for their administrators

This is by no means an exhaustive list!  I’m sure you are wondering why I left something was a complete accident promise!

As they are teenagers or young adults our list changes a bit
  • Pray for their safety – especially as they start driving
  • Pray for their jobs
  • Pray for their decisions about college, trade school, military or other future plans.
  • Pray for their spouse
And continue praying all the other things above!

I recently had a conversation with a sweet friend about the difficulties of college roommates and being settled for our girls.  She commented that no one had ever told her that she should be praying ahead of time for the roommate that her girls would have one day in the future and that she now encourages mommas to pray specifically for that.

What about you – can you think of other things to pray for that maybe we forget or miss sometimes? Has your experience taught you this or your study of God’s word enlightened your mind?  
I’d love to hear about it.

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