Monday, August 28, 2017

Tell Them Thank You

By: Jenifer Metzger

Thursday is errand day in our home. While my husband and oldest 2 kids are at work, I take the younger 2 kids and we head out to fill the tank on my truck, go to the bank, get groceries and do anything else that needs to be done. My son always puts the gas in my truck. Well, this summer he broke his ankle so I didn't expect him to do it. We wanted him to rest that ankle as much as possible. But one day I came out of the gas station and there he was, on his crutches pumping gas. I found myself just staring at him. Grateful that he still wanted to help. Grateful that I didn't have to stand in the sun, it was hot! As I watched him, I couldn't remember if I had ever told him "thank you." It's something he does every week yet I don't remember thanking him.

This thought startled me, but then lead me down a path I didn't like. I realized I don't thank my husband and kids very often. I thank my husband for going to work to support our family. But those little every day things, I don't say those 2 small words. I tried to defend myself by saying that they are expected to do these things. My kids are expected to pick up after themselves, expected to help around the house, expected help clean up after dinner. I shouldn't have to thank them for things they should be doing anyway! Wrong.

It doesn't matter if your husband and kids do something they've done a million times, thank them. It doesn't matter if it is their "job," thank them. It doesn't matter if it's the teeniest, tiniest thing, thank them. There is no reason at all to not thank someone.

I want to challenge you, today pause and tell your husband and your children thank you. Don't just say the words, but pause what you are doing, looking them in the eye and let them know that you appreciate what they've done.

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