Friday, July 7, 2017

Walking in Obedience

 We have spent many years in Christian ministry.  Not as our fulltime jobs, but as lay people in ministry. We have served in a variety of roles including the usual – deacon, pianist, Sunday school teachers etc.  With just over 20 years of service we have tried very hard to be obedient to the Lord’s leading.  Some seasons the service has been easy and we have seen God’s hand at work in our lives and at other times the service has been most difficult and we have walked on in the dark. 

I think we have all been there haven’t we?  The dark can be all consuming and a burden to bear.  Wondering if we heard God’s voice incorrectly or are we just needing to move forward in faith anyway even when we can’t see can be impossible to discern, unless we are obedient.

The only way to be obedient sweet sisters is to be walking in the word.  Consistent, daily walking in the Word alters and influences our minds, our thoughts and ultimately our actions.  Without His Word seeping into our minds, we can wonder if God is still with us during those dark days.  But we can see his hand if we continue to follow in obedience the Word he has left us. 

The really wonderful thing about our loving God is that sometimes He rolls back and allows His blessing to fall on us here in this life.  When we walk in obedience He promises His blessings on our lives.  There multiple examples in Scripture for the Israelites in Deuteronomy.  As they were preparing to enter the promised land God reminded them to follow Him always.

Even in Malachi the Bible reminds us of God’s blessings for our obedience.

Lest you misunderstand, I’m not encouraging you to obey God so that you can be blessed.  God’s not specific with His blessings. Many times we automatically think of financial blessings – but that’s not what He says. The blessings can come in having our needs met physically, spiritually, mentally.  He can bless our children with good friends.  I am not encouraging you to obey for what you can get out of it.  I am encouraging you to obey whether you see God’s hand or not because we love him.  John tells us we demonstrate our love by our obedience.  God’s blessings are just an overflow of His love back to us.

I pray you’ll walk in obedience.  As moms, wives, sisters, daughters I pray you’ll seek God’s face consistently.  Make your prayer, reading Scripture, and meditating and memorizing God’s word THE priority in your life and obediently walk it out in your daily life. It will absolutely change you.  God has the absolute best plan for your life and you’ll find it in the pages of His word. 

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