Monday, September 12, 2016

Date Where You Can

By: Jenifer Metzger

We hear it all the time, date your mate. It is vital to a marriage to continue dating after the I Dos. However, it's not always easy.

Recently a sweet friend of mine posted on Facebook that while having the car serviced at the dealership, she and her husband used the waiting room massage chair. She said, "Unexpected relaxing time with hubby! Date where you can."

Date where you can.

Date Where You Can. #marriage #marriagemonday #wifey #husband #dating

Dressing up, dinners, roses, moonlit strolls, those are all nice dates. Bowling, comedy clubs, mini golf, movies, those are all fun dates. But these things are not always reasonable. If I could tell you to date your husband at least twice a month, I would tell you that. But the truth is, I can't always do that, so how can I tell you to? In life we go through seasons. Our seasons are constantly changing and we need to change with them.

There was a time when my 4 kids were little that my husband and I didn't get much time alone. But when the kids went with my parents for the night, we finally had time together. However, we couldn't go on a date because we didn't have the extra money. So our date became grocery shopping. We'd walk hand in hand through the grocery store as we picked up our weekly groceries. There have been times when my husband or I had a doctors appointment and that appointment became our date. That may sound strange but it was glorious! We'd take the long way to and from in order to have more time together and sometimes stop for ice cream or a soda. Sometimes you just need to date where you can.

Maybe you are in a season where there is no extra money for dating or maybe you are in a season where the kids have your schedule so full you can't find a night to date or maybe health is an issue stopping you and your husband from dating. Whatever it is, date where you can. The possibilities are endless. From getting groceries together to servicing the car to after dinner walks to snuggling on the couch after the kids go to bed.

Find moments and use them. Make it happen and date where you can.


  1. Excellent advice!!! When our kids were young, we would get a babysitter and then just walk the local mall and window shop. Paying a sitter was easier when we didn't spend money for the 'date.' There are many ways to enjoy our mate and this great Creation God has given us without spending any money!!!


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