Monday, August 22, 2016

8 Ways To Bless Your Husband That Won't Cost A Penny

By: Jenifer Metzger

We all want to bless our husbands. To shower them with something wonderful from time to time. Yet we don't always have the money or means to do so. Here are 8 ways to bless your husband for free!

8 ways to bless your husband that won't cost a penny. #marriage #marriagemonday #wife #husband #blessyourhusband

  1. Pray for him. Pray daily for your husband. Remember, if you aren't praying for him, there is a good chance that no one is. Even if your husband's family are Christians and are praying for him, no one can pray for a husband like his wife can. So pray!
  2. Be kind. People, your husband included, respond to kindness. Often it is easy to be kind to others, yet our husbands get the raw end of the deal when it comes to our kindness. Show your husband kindness in the way you act toward him and the way you speak to him.
  3. Pay attention to him. It is easy to get wrapped up in the kids, housework, and anything else going on, including our phones. Don't forget among it all to pay attention to your husband.
  4. Laugh with him. Do something every day to laugh together. Whether it's a tv show, a chat or a tickle session, just laugh together.
  5. Make him something special. Make a dinner or dessert, or both, that he loves. He will appreciate that you made his favorites.
  6. Be interested in what interests him. Ask him questions about his job or hobbies. Get to know what really makes him tick.
  7. Appreciate him. Whatever it is that he does, from mowing the lawn to putting the kids to bed to gassing up your car to going to work each day, show him appreciation.
  8. Initiate in the bedroom. Enough said.
What are other ways you can think of to bless your husband that won't cost anything? Share in the comments!


  1. As a biblical counselor, I can tell you that those no-so-little things you mentioned can make all the difference in the world! It's the little foxes, as Solomon told us, that eat away at the vine, but the flip side it, little kindness, appreciation, and gestures, can make a huge positive difference. Blessings, Jenifer! Donna

    1. Donna, thank you for stopping in and sharing! God bless!


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