Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Better Plug In!

By: Jenifer Metzger

In my house, we have a big issue with cell phone charges. Between me, my husband and our 4 teenagers, there are 6 phones in our home. However, we have something like 12 chargers. I am totally serious. Even though we have so many chargers, no one can ever seem to find one!

We have a 'phone zone' where all the phones go at night. This is in a drawer in my nightstand. The phone zone has a charger for each person so their phones can charge at night. And each of my kids have their own chargers that came with their phones. But chargers are always missing! (Not the phone zone chargers, they just don't like tucking their phone away during the day.) At any given point in the day, someone will frantically search for a charger. Often times, they use whose ever they can find, even mine. They charge their phone and leave the charger where they used it instead of returning it. So when I go to charge my phone or iPad, I can't find a charger. You can image how frustrating it is. When I finally find my charger and recharge, all is well! My phone or iPad is powered back to life and I can communicate how I need to.

{Can I tell you a secret? For Mother's Day I was gifted a new phone. My new phone came with a brand new charger, but no one knew. You better believe I hid that thing and no one knows it even exists! Shh!}

Do you ever feel like your spiritual battery is draining to depletion?

Cell phone batteries regularly need recharged. So do our spiritual batteries.

Just as our cell phone battery runs down daily and needs recharged, we need recharged. We need to plug in to our power source, God. When we forget to charge our phone, the battery dies and we no longer have a working device. When we forget to charge our spirit, our spiritual battery is no longer going to function as it should. Doubt, fear, loneliness, poor attitudes, anger, bitterness, jealousy, just to name a few, all begin to creep in when our spiritual battery is low.

So how do we recharge our spirit?

  • Read the Word daily.
  • Memorize the Word.
  • Pray continually.
  • Sing or listen to worship music.
  • Be aware of His presence all around you.
  • Give thanks for all things.
Sometimes my phone battery is okay and I think I'll make it through the day while I am running errands or something. However, sometimes it still dies on me. Even if you think your spiritual battery is okay, we still need to recharge regularly. So whether you feel like your spiritual battery is dying or if you feel it is okay, be intentional about recharging.

Go plug in!

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  1. Yes! I so need this encouragement to plug into the only true source of power!

  2. Thankfully our chargers stay put - our son has his own that he keeps in his room, I have one that stays by my nightstand, and we recharge overnight. We have one by an end table in the living room in case any of us runs short during the day. So thankful we can recharge with God any time!


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