Monday, February 8, 2016

Homemaking God's Way...Your Worship

By: Jenifer Metzger

We are in week 6 of our homemaking series. We've discussed homemaking with your heart, your husbandyour kidsyour time and your cleaning. Today, our final day, we will discuss homemaking and your worship.

We know that we are called to live a life of worship. But did you know that you can worship outside of the church? Did you know that worship doesn't mean just singing songs? Did you know that you can even worship in your homemaking?

Worshiping in your homemaking brings a beautiful joy to homemaking.

Here are a few ways to worship through your homemaking:

  1. As you cook a meal, pray over your family. Pray that God would give them health and bless them. Pray that as your family sits down to this meal, that you each connect on a new level. That your kids open up and share with you, that there would be laughter and joy.
  2. As you fold the laundry, pray over each of their individual needs. While you fold their socks, pray that God would bless their comings and their goings and that they would share the Good News everywhere they go.
  3. As your make your bed, pray over your husband asking God to anoint him and draw him into a deep and intimate relationship. That your husband's prayer life would be passionate and that your husband would lead your family as God intends him to.
  4. As you wash the dishes, thank God for giving your family food to eat and for taking care of your physical needs.
  5. As you clean the toilet, thank God that your family has a roof over their heads.
  6. As you sit down to pay the bills, thank God for providing for your family and for the income your family receives.
  7. Play worship music in your home. We have a radio in the kitchen that is always on a Christian radio.
  8. Leave your Bible open to a passage you want to memorize and each time you walk by it, read it. Or write Scripture verses on post-its or index cards and post them in your home.
These are just a few ways to worship in your homemaking.

This week's action plan:
Set a radio in a common place in your home and find a Christian radio station. Let the music fill your home all day long. Put Scripture in each room in your home, Each time you walk by, read the verses. Begin to pray as you do housework, especially work you do not like. You will be amazed how the chore becomes worship.

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  1. These are great ideas! I have been meaning to start writing scripture down to have posted & also for me to memorize. Thank you for speaking to my heart that I need to do that! :-)


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