Monday, January 18, 2016

Homemaking God's Way - Your Kids

By: Jenifer Metzger

When people find out that I am a homemaker and my kids homeschool, they automatically picture us sleeping late then lounging in our jammies all day long. They are always shocked, and even disappointed, to find out that it is the farthest from the truth.

I would be lying if I said I never wanted to sleep late then lounge in jammies in front of movies all day long. But I just can't. That is not realistic. Because of this, it is vital for me to have a schedule. As a homemaker, as a mother, it is important that I teach my kids to be their best, do their best, and how to be productive.

Here is what our schedule looks like each day:
5:00am I wake up, help my husband get out the door for work, make my bed and pick up my bedroom, then I get ready
6:00am I have my quiet time with God
6:45am Wake the kids up, then I finish up my quiet time and start breakfast
7:30am Breakfast, we read our family devotional at this time
8:00am Chores
8:30am School
12:00pm Lunch and a break from school
12:30pm School - once done with school they are free to play outside, play games, etc
3:30pm Everyone cleans up the house together
4:30pm Start dinner
5:30pm Dinner
6:00pm Everyone cleans up dinner, then showers start
7:00pm Relax together while watching tv or playing a game/puzzle
8:30pm Bedtime starts

So you can see, we have a very planned out schedule. Everyone wakes up early and gets ready for the day fully. We rarely, I mean very rarely, do jammy days. While the kids do school, I help them as they need it and do housework while they are able to work independently.

You can also see on my schedule that everyone has chores, every helps clean up the house in the afternoon and everyone pitches in to clean up dinner. I remember one time I told my kids that it was time for afternoon clean up. I told everyone what to do. My son, my dear, sweet, lovable, stubborn son, replied, "Isn't that your job? You are the homemaker." Oh. My. Goodness. (Worry not. We had a serious discussion that day!) No. It is not the homemaker's job to do all of the work while everyone else plays and sleeps. It is my job to make sure that my kids learn how to care for a home. All of my children, the boys and the girls, need to learn to do laundry, clean a bathroom, run the vacuum cleaner, and everything else that needs to be done. Therefore, everyone helps.

Your days will not look like my days. My days have changed over the years. From infants to toddlers to school age and now to teenagers. Last year our schedule changed drastically when two of my teens got jobs and we started babysitting 3 babies. Change is okay, as long as you keep a routine.

As a homemaker, you need to remember three very important things when it comes to your kids and your home:

  1. You are here to teach your kids. Even toddlers can do chores. When my 1 year old nephew comes over, he helps my daughter feed the dogs and my son empty trash cans. He loves it! He also knows to clean up his toys. Don't take all of the responsibility upon yourself. Teach your kids how to care for a home and cook. Their future spouse will thank you!
  2. Have a schedule. One time I heard someone say that when you have no plans, you plan to fail. I believe this can be the case in homemaking too. Make a schedule and make sure your family knows that schedule. We have our regular routine posted in our kitchen, my daily planner sits on the kitchen counter and we use the Cozi app for our cell phones. Everyone in the family knows exactly what to expect and when.
  3. Remember to take time out for fun. When my kids were younger we made sure to go to the park a couple times a week, sometimes my husband would meet us there after work for some family play time. We also love going for walks, playing Wii games together, doing puzzles, playing music and dancing, the list goes on and on. Whatever your family does for fun, just do it. Be intentional every single day about doing something fun, something to laugh about and make memories.

This week's action plan:
Get a calendar and a notebook. Plan out a daily routine that works for your family. Already have a routine? Great! Look over it and see if it needs any tweaking with your kids' new ages or new activities. Then go to your calendar. Make sure it is filled out and up to date with everything your family has going on. Put it in a place where everyone can see it.


  1. You guys definitely have busy days that start early. I haven't been so good about giving my children chores because their homework has always been a priority. Now that I've had to go back to work, I really regret that because I'm still the one doing all the work.

    1. Brenda, school work is definitely a priority. But as you are experiencing, it's too hard for one person to do all the work. That is why our day starts so early, so that we can have time for chores and school work. I know you are working hard at home and now outside the home. I will pray for you as well as pray that your family sees the need and pitches in. <3


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