Sunday, November 8, 2015

God's Word in our homes...

For years we lived in parsonages or rental homes and for many of those years I asked God for a home of our own. Seventeen years ago, God miraculously answered my prayer. Out of the blue our landlord, a builder, told us that he felt that he was supposed to build us a house. While our miracle home was being built, we put scripture verses inside the walls, and for all of the years that we lived there we saw God's promises and purposes come to pass in our lives in the good times and in the times of trial.

This summer we sold that home. On the last day in our house, my husband and I both cried as we remembered God's blessings and all of the memories we had made there. We stopped and thanked God for His faithfulness to us through the years. We then moved into a new to us house closer to our church. In the process of doing some updating to the house, we ripped up the old flooring to install new hardwood floors. It was the perfect opportunity to write some of God's promises in our new home, right there on the subfloor.

There's nothing magical or superstitious about writing God's Word in the walls or on the floor of your home, but to me it was an act of faith.  It was my way of declaring, "God, Your Word is the foundation of our home, it's the walls that protect us, it's the roof that covers us."  

Today, we see that it's popular in home decor to have word art on your walls. "Follow your dreams" or other such sayings in an attractive font are framed or printed on canvas and hung as a visual reminder. We see scriptures used in the same way. It's wonderful that the admonition in Deuteronomy 6 to keep the scripture in front of our eyes can be done in a visually attractive way. Obviously, the key is to believe in and to act in obedience to the scriptures, not just to hang them up for decoration.

Today I thought I'd share a free download of a scripture that I've framed and used in my own home.  Just click on the image and save it as a download. Print onto cardstock or watercoloring paper, (my preference due to the texture). Using the glass from an 8x10 frame, trace around the image centering it under the glass, then cut it and place it in your frame.
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  1. I want to do this with our home. To be honest, I had not heard of people doing this until a Facebook post recently. What a great thing to give God honor & glory over your home! Sharing His words & truth in a home that He has made possible for us! I love, love, love this. Praying abundant blessings flow in your new home, my friend. :-)

  2. What a wonderful post, Elizabeth! This is my favorite message from you thus far, Love! GOD bless you, beautiful friend! :-)

  3. In my kitchen, the scripture "Rejoice in the Lord Always" is on my wall - along with "Your words are so choice, so tasty, I prefor them to the best home cooking" (Psalm 119:9) - I love that you put yours in your walls and floorboards - what a spirit-filled hedge you left the people who bought your house!

    1. Oh, I've so got to use that version of Psalm 119:9 in my dining room!


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