Saturday, October 10, 2015

The God of Different

By Robin McKay

Guess what?  God wants—He needs—different. 

Sometimes...I gaze too long at other families.  Through my limited scope I see a different way of doing things and wonder—is their difference better?

God needs my family right where we are at and yours right where you are.  He wants us coming to Him...dependent upon Him for every thing—every day.
Needing Him.  
Believing Him.   
Wanting what He wants for us.  
Living, learning, repenting, growing, submitting, faltering, and crying out to Him in desperation knowing He is the only One capable. 

We are each living the life He planned—for each of us. 

I am living what He planned for me.  I am going through experiences personally ordained for me.  Just me! 

To reap the fruit only I could reap in the harvest to come!

And so are you.

Our lives cannot all be the same down here.

His Kingdom is made up of diverse individuals 
reaching diverse individuals 
in diverse ways. 

What is the right way for me is wrong for another. 

There are intricacies in timing and personalities and temperaments and receptiveness and experiences and readiness—on both sides—the Saved and the unsaved.

Willingness mixes with Divine intervention

He waits for no one. 
He is dependent upon no one. 
He moves when He is ready.

He is the Author and Perfector of each and every life!  
Each and every distinct soul!  

And He chooses imperfect, 
messed up individuals, 
from distinctly different families, 
doing life in assorted ways—
to work with.

Look around you!  No two creations are ever alike! 

I like that! 

And I like knowing I’m perfectly on purpose different from you!  And you me! 

Because I could never reach who you are going to

but I’ll sure be glad to meet them when we all. get. Home!

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  1. I think God delights in our uniqueness, and you are so right that our purpose and the way God uses us and who we can reach is as unique as we are.


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