Monday, July 13, 2015

Change the Ending

By: Jenifer Metzger

Our lives are our stories. If you were to read the end of the book, the last chapter, what would your marriage story look like? If you continue on the path you are on without making changes, how will the story end?

Would it end with a couple in love, dating, listening to each other, living life together? Or would it end with a couple who simply exist together?

We may not know exactly how the story ends. After all, God knows what our future holds and we do not. But we can strive to get on a good path that will lead to a great ending.

If you continue on the same path you are on right now, the end will look a lot like it does now. Are you satisfied with that or do you feel there is room for improvement?

Since there is always room for improvement, how can you change the end of the book? Start making changes now. If you think you and your husband are not dating enough, start dating more right now. You and your husband need that time alone to connect and to re-learn each other. Start getting in that habit of dating regularly today.

If you hope that your marriage is more compassionate in the future, start being more compassionate now. If you hope that you and your husband talk more, begin talking more now. If you hope that someday you can do daily devotions together, start doing that now. You can start small, but you have to start.

Don't wait for the future to better your marriage. Make the needed changes now.

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