Friday, May 1, 2015

Watch Your Mouth!

Watch Your Mouth!
By Angie Ketcham

Sometimes I'll just be going along, minding my own business, when out of nowhere this big, ugly monster called attitude comes creeping out of me.  No, not creeping.  More like rushing out of me like a flash of lightning!  And whoever it hits better hope they already ran for cover, because I know those words that flew out and hit that person I love (most usually that child that I love) right square between the eyes and they might be wounded beyond repair.  Ouch! Or maybe it's on that day when I know a little bit more about Sister Suzy's story, and before I know it, that volcano has erupted and lava is just spewing out all over the proverbial floor, burning every ear it touches beyond repair.  Come on, am I the only one?  Am I the only one that has to remind myself every minute of the day that my words matter?  If so, I'm going to preach to myself today! Ha!

Dear Sister,  it's time to break free from our present bondage, strongholds of Satan, and our negative influence on those God has placed in our lives!  Satan has used our mouths and those of others to keep us and those around us (especially our children) suppressed and unable to see the true power, anointing, potential, and God given talents we have been given.  We need to be building others up, encouraging and inspiring them in the Lord!  God has given us each person-husband, child, parent, friend, nemesis-to help each other on our journey through this life.  We are to learn each other with love and help each grow, each according to their bend.  Every idle word must be carefully accountable for.  We are the examples that our children will follow.  When will we allow prayer to enter our mind before the words enter our mouths?  When will we allow the Holy Spirit to produce in us the fruit of self-control over our mouths?  When will the words that escape our lips be words of life and love before hurt and bitterness?

Proverbs 10:19
  In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.

The first step in maturity of the mouth is prayer.  We must seek guidance and wisdom from God(Proverbs 14:1).  We must develop a daily relationship with God through His living Word.  He renews our mind and cleanses our thoughts.  He sends the Holy Spirit to lead us into all kindness because love is pure (Proverbs 10:12) .  We have an understanding that God is truly the one in control of every detail of our lives, so we have no need to make the situation right or fair or just.  That is God's job and God alone!  Titus 1:10, 16; 2:1-5 tells us that we are to be holy.  Our lives are to be living examples of Christ.   This means we must restrain that mouth according to God's Word.

Where do you rate on the rattle radar?  Are your children seeing a Godly example with the words coming out of your mouth?  Is your tone in the right place?  I challenge you this week to evaluate the words coming out of your mouth up against God's Word.  I challenge you to make extra effort to listen to your words and example and take steps, with God's help, to make a change!


  1. Taking your challenge in words and in thoughts! Great article, thanks for the honest wisdom.

  2. Thank you sweet friend. I miss you dearly.


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