Monday, March 30, 2015

Instruction Manual for Marriage

By: Jenifer Metzger

Have you ever wished that your husband came with an instruction manual? A guide book on exactly who he is and how to handle him? Yea, me too. The truth is, marriage is hard at times and a guide book to help us would be wonderful!

Guess what? We do have an instruction manual. It's called the Bible.

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We often seek the counsel of family, friends or a pastor for marriage. Which is great! It is very important to seek the counsel of wise, mature Christians who have been where we are and can offer us guidance, encouragement and prayer. However, do we ever seek the One who created marriage?

Pastor and author Tony Hart says in his new book, Two Tablets for Your Marriage, "As I study the Bible, I am struck with the reality that the moral law of God is fundamental to fulfillment in every area of life, especially marriage."

Hart goes on to say, "Marriage is symbolic of our relationship with God which is governed by the fulfillment of the law of Christ. Our relationship with God is made more intimate by the process of conforming our lives to God's laws... In the same way, the relationship between husbands and wives is also made better by the application of God's law in marriage."

The Bible is vital to our lives. This is something we know. But we also need to understand that the Bible is vital to our marriage. Through reading and studying the Word, we learn what it means to be married, we learn about patience, love, acceptance and much more.

Sister, dive into the Word of God!

To find out how Tony Hart applies the Ten Commandments to marriage, check out his book Two Tablets for Your Marriage,

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