Monday, March 23, 2015

Being A Woman of Time Management

By: Jenifer Metzger

We live in a busy world. Between household duties,  homework, yard work, grocery shopping, running kids from here to there, church events and much more, our calendars are full. Many nights we fall into bed completely exhausted then wake up and do it all over again. Where does this leave our marriage? Often, too busy for our husband.

Being a woman of time management. #timemanagement #marriage #family
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How can we be women of good time management?

  • Have a set time to get up each morning and spend time with God first thing. What better way to start your day!
  • Have a general daily routine and stick to it. But always be willing to be flexible when needed.
  • Make a to-do list each day of things you wish to accomplish. Prioritize your list. Things that are not so important, put at the bottom and if it doesn't get done today, it is okay.
  • It is okay to say no. Yes we want to be there to help others, but there are times when it is okay to say, "No, I am sorry I cannot do it at this time."
  • Limit your children's activities. I have four children. If they were each involved in two or three activities each, I'd lose my mind! We limited them to one activity at a time. And it works out that my boys like baseball, a spring/summer sport, and my girls like the fall/winter sports.
  • Go to bed on time each night and get six to eight hours of sleep. You need sleep and cannot function without it.  o be a good wife, mother and friend, we need sleep.
  • Schedule at least one night a week of nothing and stick to it! Make this night a time to relax with your family. Watch a movie, play a board game, do a puzzle, have a Wii bowling competition, go for a walk, do something together as a family to relax and laugh.
  • Schedule at least one time a week for your husband. Whether it is an entire night out of the house or just an hour after the kids go to bed. But make it a priority. A friend of ours became a senior pastor about a year ago but he still has his full time job outside of the ministry and stays very busy. He told us recently that Friday night is dedicated to his wife. No other plans can be made on this day, it is just for her. Even if you cannot dedicate an entire night, you can plan a walk after dinner. Or after the kids go to bed, sit in the back yard and just talk under the moonlight.
Let your husband know that he is a priority to you. Make a true effort to spend time with him. Maybe he doesn't want to talk about feelings and romance, what man really does? But you can listen to him talk about work, what project he wants to do, or sports. You may not understand everything or why he's passionate about it, but you can be a listening ear to him.

Today I challenge you to plan something for you and your man. After the kids go to bed for the night, if you have an older child you trust to babysit or a trusted neighbor, ask her to watch the kids while you and your hubby go for a walk or just sit in the backyard and have him tell you all about something important to him. Spend time relaxing with your hubby. 

What changes do you need to make to be a better time manager?  What will you plan for you and your husband this week?

A repost from October 3, 2011.

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  1. Very wise words, Jenifer! As a marriage counselor, I often assign a "date night" as part of the couple's homework. It's so important as are all your other points. Blessings!


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