Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Would You Give Away Your Bible?

By: Shari A. Miller

"A holy God in the middle of life's mundane activities will change your life." - Lysa Terkeurst

Today I am excited to announce our first week in the study of, "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God," by Lysa Terkeurst

Have you ever heard God speaking to you, nudging you to do something out of the ordinary? I know I have. To be honest.....sometimes I'll say, "Not now, I don't think so Lord. You really don't want me to do that do you?" When my selfish nature takes over and this happens, I'm missing out. Missing out on a blessing, on the next great adventure that God has in store for my life. Oh, how sad this must make God. God wants us to be able to fully trust him with the plans he has laid out for our lives.

In the first chapter of Lysa's book, we see her obeying a tugging that God had placed on her heart, which was to give away her Bible to a stranger that she had been speaking with. This wasn't an easy thing for her to do. This was a Bible that she had for many years, one that had been underlined and highlighted in, one that had been well used and loved. She obeyed, and out of her obedience came great rewards.

She later found out the gentleman that she gave her Bible to gave his heart to the Lord. This man also touched other lives for Christ, because of this.

Wow! All because Lysa said yes to God!

Saying yes to God is not always easy, but in the end it is so worth it. Within this chapter Lysa gave an example of saying yes to God, as an equivalent of planning a surprise party for a friend, Just imagine if you had all the decorations up, the friends gathered, ready to yell surprise, when the guest of honor walked through the door. However, when the guest of honor arrives they turn around and decide to go home. How sad you would be that your friend decided not to come in, and just imagine what the friend missed out on. That's exactly how it is when we miss out on God's plan for our lives. We miss out on tremendous opportunities for ourselves and others.

Life is an adventure that is meant to be lived to the fullest. Lysa gives a piece of important advice for how our lives should be played out...

"There is but one requirement for this adventure. We have to set our rules and agenda aside - our dos and don'ts, our social graces and proper places - and follow God's command. His one requirement is so simple and yet so profound. Whatever God says do, do it. That's it."

Are you ready to join me on this journey? Are you ready to say yes to God? Are you ready to give up your Bible, or whatever else God might ask you to give up, for the cost of following him? I know I am.

Let's begin.

"The revelation of God is whole and pulls our lives together. The signposts of God are clear and point out the right road. The life-maps of God are right, showing the way to joy. The directions of God are plain and easy on the eyes. God's reputation is twenty-four-carat gold, with a lifetime guarantee. The decisions of God are accurate down to the nth degree. God's Word is better than a diamond, better than a diamond set between emeralds. You'll like it better than strawberries in spring, better than red, ripe strawberries."

- Psalm 19:7-10

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  1. Great post! I would be willing, though I love my Bible and would hate to part with it. But I am blessed to have more than one. :)


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