Saturday, November 15, 2014

6 Reasons Single Women Should Decorate for Christmas

by Brenda Rodgers

"Decorating for Christmas is a lot of work. And money." 

You tell yourself this as you look around your home come mid-November.

"If I had a husband and some kids I’d do it.  But just for me it’s a waste.  What’s the point?  I’ll just wait until I get married.  Then I’ll decorate and bake and make cool crafts at Christmas time."

And so you wait. And maybe years past by and you still wait. 

But what are you waiting for – really?

Your life – single or married – isn't meant to be lived as a holding place for the next one.  Your life is meant to be lived as a preparing place for what God already sees.

Here are 6 Reasons Single Women Should Decorate for Christmas:

1. Decorate for Jesus’ Birthday Celebration

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birthday. At the core, that is it. As a single woman you may think there is no point in putting up a tree because you are the only one who will see it.  But Jesus sees it, and he is the Guest of Honor.  Decorating for Christmas with the mindset of preparing for a birthday celebration keeps our minds focused on Jesus’ birth, and he is pleased when our minds are set on him.

2. Decorate as the Maker of a Home

Whether you accept it as “real” or not, as a single woman you have a home - a home that is a blessing of God’s love and provision for you.  Think of decorating for Christmas as being a good steward of that blessing.  Create a home environment that reflects His goodness and also is a good example of His sovereignty in your life.

3. Decorate to Prepare for the Future 

One of the wonderful gifts you have as a single woman is the opportunity to practice!  Practice decorating and baking and making Christmas crafts.  I have learned from experience that running a home is harder than I thought.  It does take practice and some learning, so don’t think it’s dumb to start now reading about homemaking and practice! There is no need to wait to do something you enjoy!

4. Decorate Because It Can Be Inexpensive 

Nowadays you can get Christmas trees of all shapes, sizes, and colors very inexpensively.  A couple of years ago I bought a small, pink tree for $20 at Big Lots.  Hobby Lobby also has very inexpensive decorations.  Now more than ever you can make a really nice Christmas home for a small amount of money!

5. Decorate as a Gift of Hospitality

Use this opportunity to serve your friends or other women by inviting them over for a cookie exchange, afternoon Christmas tea, holiday movie night, or dinner.  Your friends who are married (and especially those that have children) love the opportunity to get away for a while and have a little distraction from their own homes.  This can also be a good time to build a good mentoring relationship.  And it is always important for single friends to stay connected in community, so get together and do whatever you love – bake, make crafts, whatever!

6. Decorate as an Example to Others

We're all aware of the stereotypes the church and our culture puts on single people. By decorating for Christmas, you're representing as a mature adult who is serious about life and her relationship with Jesus. You're not waiting around for life to happen to you, but you're taking hold of your life and making it happen for you. 

Do you typically decorate for Christmas as a single woman? Why or why not? 


  1. Great tips Brenda! I never lived as a single women, I was in my parents home and then with my husband. But I think that I would love to decorate even if I had been alone in the home.

  2. One thing I did a few years ago was a few years ago I started shopping the after christmas sales to start a small collection of Christmas decorations inexpensively.


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