Thursday, October 9, 2014


by Debi Baker

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."
Genesis 1:1 KJV

We are currently studying the 'names of God' on Wednesday nights at church.  We are only 2 weeks into the study and I am loving it!  In this verse, the Hebrew word used for God is 'elohiym.  This word, with 'm' at the end, implies the Triune Godhead!  In the very beginning, we see reference to God, the Father-God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit!  That blew me away last night!!  

Besides that revelation, another thing that blows me away is God's creation!  God took 6
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days to fill the earth with every kind of creature.  On that 6th day, He created another creature that was different from the rest.  Where God spoke creation into existence, when He created man, He formed man to be in HIS likeness and image.  He then breathed life into the nostrils of man.  That gives me Holy Ghost bumps all over my body...God gave His breath to man!  How special is that!!!

And then I think of all the different species of animals ... and I think of how many different kinds of each of the species there are!  How many different breeds of dog can you think of?  And God spoke them into existence!  How many different kinds of butterflies are there?  And God spoke them into existence!  And when He had spoken all of the lights, trees, plants, and so on, He then formed man ... He took extra time and energy to form man.  We must truly be special to our Creator!

Take a few minutes this day and thank Him for creation.  Take some time today and really enjoy the creation that your Father has given you!!!

Have a blessed day!!


  1. This was exactly my lesson in kid's Bible study last night; that God spoke creation into existence until He came to man then He formed man with His loving hands and breathed life into us. I love it.

  2. This is what we are talking about in the Good News Club also. I made a statement about how God knew from the very beginning of time the plans He had for us. Since time began, He has been writing a love story and we're a part of it! He has been preparing for a wedding! His wedding! He is the groom and the church will be His bride! And one little boy shouts out, "Ewww! I don't want to be a bride! I'm a boy! Boys aren't suppose to be the bride!" Well, not sure how to explain that one to a 2nd grader. Hahaha!


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