Friday, June 13, 2014

Writing a Family Mission Statement Seasonally

Post by: Jenilee

I was listening to the radio recently and they were discussing having a summer family mission statement.

Something that defines and explains the experience you want your family to have this summer.

What I loved about this idea is that it is seasonal.

If you create a family mission statement that is forever, it can be forgotten and easily pushed to the side.

If you create a seasonal family mission statement then it is continuously revisited and remade and reworked due to that specific season of your family life.

A summer mission statement will guide the plans, decisions and actions of the family.

Every parenting and family decision can be made based on what your family discussed as priorities for this summer.

It also can help your kids begin to define their activities with the family in mind.

Does your mission statement include spending more time together? Then make sure that your decisions make that happen.

Does your mission statement include growing in God as a family? Then make sure you find a new devotional or a class at church that will make that happen.

A mission statement can be long or short. It can be simple of complicated. Whatever you need the statement to be. Then, it can be posted in the house where everyone can see and remember.

At the end of the summer, revisit it.

Did your statement help your family? How?

What changes can you make to it for fall and the beginning of school?

I think consistently revisiting your family mission statement each season is a healthy way to keep evaluating and growing as a family!

Do you have a mission statement? Have you ever thought about renewing those goals with the season?

Fun on the journey,

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