Monday, April 14, 2014

Three Strands (Part 2)

Last week we talked about marriage being a union of three and that the union gives strength. This union is made up of God, husband, wife.

But how do we put God in the center of our marriage?

Here are five ways to put God at the center of your marriage:

  • Pray together. Praying together is the number one thing in putting God at the center. Daily hold hands and both of you pray. This is vital to a God centered marriage.
  • Pray for your husband. {And husband pray for your wife.} Each day pray that your husband would walk closely to God and strive to serve him. Pray for his health, relationships, job and integrity.
  • Read the Word together. Read the Bible together at least once a week, every day if possible. Even if it's only one scripture a day, read the Word as a couple.
  • Go to God. When conflict in the marriage arises, go to God. Pray that God would guide you and your husband in resolving the conflict according to His ways.
  • Worship together. Whether at church, in the privacy of your home or both, worship God together.
What are other ways that you put God in the center of your marriage?

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