Monday, April 7, 2014

Three Strands (Part 1)

By: Jenifer Metzger

There is an old story of a father on his death bed who calls his sons in. He gives the oldest a bundle of sticks and tells him to break it. He cannot do it. Then he passes the bundle to the next son and he also cannot break it. This continues with each son being unable to break the bundle. Then the father unties the bundle and gives each son just one stick and tells them to break it. They easily break their sticks. Then the father tells his sons, "See my meaning? Union gives strength."

Marriages are under attack. The enemy will use anything; from addictions to finances, from health to other people. He uses anything and everything to destroy your marriage.

But union gives strength. Union of God, husband, wife.

With God in the center of the marriage, your marriage can withstand what the enemy throws your way.

Next week we will discuss how to make God the center of your marriage. Join me?

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