Monday, March 10, 2014

Living Out Titus 2 in Marriage

Marriage is hard. Let's just admit that right now. It's a wonderful and beautiful thing, but it is also hard. Often we feel like we are alone in our troubles. Your husband won't help around the house, he struggles with an addiction, he tends to get angry easy, the list goes on and on. You feel as though no one else goes through the struggles, that you are all alone.

Wrong. We all struggle from time to time. You are not alone. Because others have been there, we can look to another woman for support, encouragement, advice and prayer.

How can we live out Titus 2 in marriage?

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Being mentored:

  • Pray. Ask God to lead you to a woman that can lift you up, encourage you and mentor you in marriage. It should be a Godly woman who has been married longer than you.
  • Build a trusting relationship. Your relationship with your mentor needs to be open and honest. This includes being able to trust each other that what is shared will stay in confidence.
  • Share openly. Share with your mentor openly about your struggles. She will better know how to encourage and support you if you are transparent.
  • Listen. Listen to what advice your mentor has. Likely she has been in the same, or similar, situation before. She can share her struggles and successes with you as means of advice. Listen and heed her advice.
  • Pray for your mentor. Remember that your mentor has not 'arrived.' We will never have a perfect marriage because marriage is made up of two flawed human beings. She is not perfect and neither is her marriage. She will still struggle in her life so pray for her.

Mentoring others:

  • Pray. Ask God to lead you to a woman who needs lifted up, encouraged and mentored.
  • Build a trusting relationship. Your relationship with your mentee needs to be open and honest. She needs to be able to trust that what is shared will stay in confidence.
  • Listen. Listen to what she tells you. Let her share openly as you listen carefully.
  • Share. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, share your thoughts with her. If you have experienced the same or a similar situation, share your own struggles and successes with her.
  • Stay clear of bashing. Be very careful to never let your time with your mentee become a husband bashing session. She is seeking you out for help, not to shred her husband apart.
  • Pray for her. Pray regularly for and with her. She will need your continued prayers. When the Lord brings her to your mind, pray for her. Make her a part of your daily prayers. Check in on her often and ask how you can pray for her.

Remember that you are not alone. There are others around you who have 'been there, done that.' Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Live out Titus 2 in your marriage.

Do you have a marriage mentor? Do you mentor anyone in marriage?

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