Monday, February 24, 2014

Having Some Fun In Marriage

Today let's talk about having some fun in marriage!

Having #fun in your #marriage

My husband and I grew up playing the original Nintendo games. Last week we downloaded a few of those games to our gaming system. This has been such a blessing! When the kids go off to bed, typically we would sit on the couch together with him watching tv and me either reading or on my laptop. Very little communication went on. We were together but not together. Now the kids go to bed and we sit on the couch together and play games. We laugh together, talk as we are playing and have so much fun.

It is vital to have fun, laughs and conversation in your marriage. Life can be to heavy at times, and we need to lighten up and laugh with our mate. This helps keep a marriage alive and fresh.

Here are some other ways to have some fun in marriage:

  • Go on bike rides or walks together.
  • Play a sport together. Not necessarily in a league or anything, but go out to the driveway and shoot hoops together, or go to the bowling alley and bowl.
  • Play card games or board games together.
  • Try something new. My husband has been clay pigeon shooting with the guys from church and I want to try it on a date night sometime. Sounds like something new and exciting.
  • Watch your wedding video or old home movies together.

There is so much you and your husband can do to have a good time and laugh together. What do you and your husband do together for fun?

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