Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Be An Elephant!

Are you an elephant? I'm not talking about your size, your nose or your love of peanuts. I am talking about the memory of your husband's past mistakes. Do you bring up the past mistakes he has made and throw them in his face? Do you talk about his indiscretions to him or to others?

In marriage, we need to be the opposite of an elephant. What would be the opposite? A fish? A mouse maybe? I don't know. I digress...

When something happens in your marriage, you need to deal with it right then. Don't stew over it and let it build up the anger and resentment in your heart. Deal with it. 

Then lay it to rest.

Don't bring it up again. Ever. Once everything has been worked out, and we are to work things out and not let the sun go down on our anger, forgive him and move on. Don't bring up his mistakes at every turn, not even at every argument. Pray and ask God to help you truly forgive so that you are not tempted to bring it back up.

Elephants can kill a marriage. Don't be an elephant!


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