Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Ways To Get Ready With Him In Mind

As a house wife and stay at home mom, I am home most days. My days are spent schooling my kids, doing laundry and cleaning house. Being at home all day and with the work I have to do, it can be easy to simply throw on sweats or yoga pants and a tee shirt each morning. And who wants to spend precious time doing hair and make up just to be home?

But my husband deserves better. I deserve better.

We should still be pursuing our mate as when we were dating and I surely didn't pursue him in my sweats, no make up and hair in a wild ponytail! Think of your dating days. We all spent time carefully getting ready to look our best for the one we loved. We should still do this.

I can tell you from experience, I feel better when I get ready in the morning. I feel better when I take care of myself. And I feel better knowing my husband will come home to a wife who loved him and carefully got ready for him.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready each day:
  • Each day be sure to brush your teeth, shower and wash your hair. This may seem obvious but hey, let's just put it out there for a reminder!
  • No matter what you are wearing, make sure it is cleaned and ironed. Nothing wrong with the yoga pants once in a while, but make sure they are cleaned and not looking like they were balled up in the laundry basket!
  • Wear make up. If you don't regularly wear make up, then don't. But if you do, then wear make up for him each day.
  • Take care of your skin. Implement a good regimen using Revision Skincare or other skincare products; face wash and moisturize each day and night.
  • Use a good lip balm. Girls, let your man have soft lips to kiss when he gets home!
  • Shave. You may think no one sees so why bother, but he sees each night. Or at least he should...
  • Use aprons. I love aprons! They are so cute and feminine. I have a couple of really cute aprons I use for cooking or hosting. Then I have an apron I use specifically for cleaning so that no matter what I am wearing, my clothes will not ruin. This means I can wear my nice jeans and shirt for my hubby but won't get bleach or grease on them!
  • When your husband is due home from work, do a quick check. Do you need to brush your teeth or use mouthwash? Run a brush through your hair. And make sure the baby's vomit isn't covering your shirt. He will appreciate coming home to his lovely wife.
  • Wear the things he loves. If your husband loves the color blue, wear blue a few times each week for him. If he loves your hair a certain way, wear it like that for him often. If he loves your perfume, use a spray of it before he gets home. These little things will mean much to him.
  • When you go out on a date, do something a little extra. Like dressing up nice. Or if you are going to a sporting event, hubby and I used to love to go to baseball games for dates, do something like get a manicure and paint your nails the color of the team your guy roots for.
What are ways that you take care to get ready for him each day?

Take care of your skin. Implement a good regimen using Revision Skincare or other skincare products; face wash and moisturize each day and night.


  1. I just started dating again and I'm doing the "I have nothing to wear" dance around my closet. I'm reminded of how I quit doing that in my failed marriage and I am determined to continue to make sure I make myself presentable in the future. Thank you for writing this post!

    1. It is so great that you are committing to this for the future! Thanks for stopping by!


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