Monday, September 2, 2013

Marriage Monday - He's Just a Big Kid

My husband. He is crazy. Completely crazy. He is the one who will get kicked off of the go-carts for driving crazy. He is the one who will take a dare from a friendly game of cards and run outside in the snow barefoot to the stop sign and back. He is the one who will pretend the shopping buggy is in a Nascar race as he goes through the store. He is the one who will be on the front row of the concert jumping up and down while screaming. He is the who will let fifteen kids, ages 5-12, shave his head, then go to a restaurant like that. He is the one who will do anything and everything to make you laugh.

Yes, he is crazy.

But he is fun.

My husband has a tee-shirt that says Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional. I think most men have that little boy still living inside of them. Some of them just let him out more than others. Mine is one of them.

As wives sometimes we want our husband to be serious. We want him to be responsible and mature. We want him to simply grow up!

Instead of pushing him to be serious and mature, think of it this way, God wired him to be the way he is.

God made my Jeremy a little crazy. He gave him a great sense of humor and enabled him to laugh at himself. God gave him a caring heart to see others smile and laugh even if it is at his own expense.

It can be so easy to try to make our husbands grow up. To demand that act their age. The problem is, by doing this we are stifling what God created. It's time to let our husbands be who they truly are. Silliness and all.

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a blog, Our Goodwin Journey. I instantly felt a connection with writer, Jenilee Goodwin, for a few reasons. We are both Jens. We are both married to Jeremys. Both of our Jeremys are Assemblies of God children's pastors. We are both huge Duck Dynasty fans. And both of our Jeremys are insanely crazy! Here is what my dear bloggy friend has to say:
We just celebrated our 12th Anniversary on September 1st. 12 years of crazy moments, wild days, interesting adventures and embarrassing stories. I remember first being married and not having a clue what I got myself in to… you know, when you are dating, everything is cute. Once you get married? Not always so cute!

His fun, silly, big-kid antics kept me on my toes and caused a few days of stress for my calm, quiet-loving, mature self. In fact, his antics tended to cause some not-so-mature qualities to come out of me in my grand attempts to make him act “normal.”

But, as the years go by, I’ve learned to embrace his fun personality. I have blog post after blog post of his always blogable (yes, that is a word in our house) adventures. To be completely honest, I think blogging about his funny moments helped me see how fun and how exciting and how interesting he is. I could look at him through a writer’s eyes instead of the eyes of a “critical or embarrassed wife.”

Learning to enjoy his personality and “go with the flow” as my mother-in-law advised me to do has been the best thing I’ve done for our marriage. Oh, there are still times that my ability to tame his grand ideas comes in handy but over all, letting my husband be who God made him to be has been rewarding, fun and oh so blogable!
Learn to enjoy your husband just as he is. Enjoy his fun, playful side. And remember that this is how God created him to be.

Is your husband silly and crazy or is he more serious?

To read more from Jenilee Goodwin and to follow their new adventures as missionaries to Africa, visit their blog HERE and their facebook page HERE.


  1. Yes, Jeremy is on the crazy side but we love him oh so much. Jeremy and Papa can make a moment seem like such a bright part of life. We are so glad God chose us all to be family. Love you so much, Jeremy and you know we love you also, Jenifer.

  2. Wow! I thought the first part of this post was by Jenilee (except for the picture)!

  3. I thought the first part of the blog was by Jenilee (except I didn't know who is in the picture!) She and her family our great friends of ours!


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