Friday, July 5, 2013

A Scripted Life

Every day, we wake up and write a script in our heads for the people around us...

"I'm going to get out of this shower, get dressed and the kids are going to be eating breakfast peacefully, the husband is going to be dressed for work and will have already made me coffee and breakfast, then when I go to work my co-workers are going to shower me with kindness and the boss is going to give me a promotion, then I'm headed to church where everything is going to go exactly my way, they are going to sing my songs, teaching my sermon and everything is going to be perfect..."

Except one isn't

The kitchen is a mess, you're out of coffee, the husband is telling you something little johnny did, the boss is in a bad mood and the church people want YOU to be perfect, not them..

ugh, I'm exausted just thinking about it.

We're all broken, we are all very selfish sinful humans that want other sinful selfish humans to live by OUR rules but God whispers One very powerful word into the hearts of each one of us..


"Grace calls us to slip out of the director's chair and release the people in our homes and our lives from the fantasy world we've created"

"Rather than basing our lives on a fantasy we've created, grace calls us to look at our reality first then shape our expectations accordingly..."

"Love as I have loved you" remember? Jesus said those very whole life has been scripted, everyone knows what's good for me except me, everyone knows how I'm to act, which way I'm to go and who I'm supposed to talk to, except me...and for years I've fit into their script but God's teaching me a better way, His way..

The way of grace. "Grace releases, frees, relaxes and allows room, loosense nerves, gives permission and expresses acceptance."

I want to walk the way of Grace...

Lord please help me release the scripts I've written for those around me, forgive me for trying to shove my plans on my loved ones when they should be only listening for Your plans. Amen.
**Excerpts taken from The Resolution for Women

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