Friday, June 14, 2013

A Tired Mom...

I'm tired...

Tired of reading all the "tired mom" posts....

Now before you freak out and call me condemning and not Godly, let me explain..

Before I sat down to type this my son was having a temper tantrum over a Lightening McQueen pillow that he lost for fighting over it. He was screaming, and kicking and yelling "I don't like you!!!" He's 4.

Right now, my daughter  who's 5 got introuble for not picking up a blanket that I've asked her to at least 3 times now so when I finally MADE her pick it up she stomped off to her room hitting the wall and slamming a bathroom door (because we took her bedroom door away for the slamming) and screaming at me...

Today I have the worst headache but I still have to write this blog, today...I'm one of those "tired moms".

When I read about the tired mom, the weary mom and how we're all rooting for her I begin to focus on how tired I frustrated I today I don't want to be a you get the picture? I start focusing on ME.

I believe God is telling us "worn out moms" today to focus on HIM and the blessings he's given us eyes are open to the way my very strong willed daughter's hands fit so small in mine as she sits beside me on the couch...she needs mommy touch so she holds my hand. Today my eyes are open to how soft my son kisses my cheek as he says he's sorry (yet again) for screaming at me. My ears are open to my children laughing as they FINALLY play nicely together, I savor the moment because I know that it won't last long...

The raising of these tiny's a hard job. Some days, I text my friend and I tell her I really don't want to be a mom know what her response is? PRAISE HIM!!! If you feel you can't praise Him for the tiny people in your home today, praise Him for the sun, if it's storming praise Him for the rain! If you have flowers growing anywhere near your home praise Him for the beautiful gift of flowers that are in your eye shot! When you start Praising HIM then you get your eyes off of yourself and how tired you are and on to Him and how much He loves YOU in all your tired momma glory.

This job you're doing, it's Holy. You are standing on holy ground momma, this work you're doing, those kids you're raising they are directly from God, entrusted to your care for a short while so you can be the soul shaper, the discipline dealer, the eternal encourager and much much more. If that makes you exausted just thinking about it praise God because He doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called...and none of us, not a single mom in this world is qualified for this job of motherhood..thank God He's right there with us...thank God every mistake, ever outburst of anger, ever tear shed at the end of a long day is not in vain...He keeps every precious emotion and holds us oh so tight as we close our eyes at night and as we wake up to a new day in the morning.

YOU are loved, momma.

**Now if you excuse me, my 5 year old just stole my 4 year old's toy and he's got her tackeled to the ground sitting on her trying to steal it back....I love these tiny sinful humans. Don't you?


  1. Amazing post, Mandy! It is the absolute truth, too!

  2. I'm way beyond what you are dealing with Mandy but I can STILL remember sweetie. Raising "tiny people" as you said is a hard job. Very rewarding...a blessing but also a challenge. I have to say that as a Mother to adult children, one of which is married; parenting doesn't completely ends it just takes on a different look and brings a different set of blessings and challenges. :)

    Thanks for sharing your heart so openly. I'm HUGGING you!


  3. Love, love, love it! Thanks for the transparency! Very real life!

  4. A precious, sweet blog. Thank you. I am glad you says we should always focus on God. He'll embrace me, tired mom, and give me strength

  5. Beyond blessed to read these words, here in this place. To be encouraged and splashed. refreshed.

    I would love to see you splashin' our little group of moms. We could use your words of encouragement. your tips. your photos. your anything gloriously mom.

    I jot some few notes on Mondays. But it's a link up whenever you can kind of thing. I understand the filled to the brim momma schedules. We would be honored to have you join. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    Splashin' Momma,


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