Monday, April 29, 2013

Marriage Monday - Power of a Praying Wife Week 16

Keeping priorities straight can be difficult. We are busy with jobs, chores, ministries, children, spouse, sports, this and that.  Lists miles long of things that we must do.  So setting our priorities is not an easy task.

Among our endless list of to-dos, we desire to be a top priority for our husband.  We want his attention and time.  We want to rank right up there under God.  {On selfish days we may even say we want to be first.}  But think of this, If God and spouse aren't clearly top priorities in your life, your husband will have less incentive to make them so in his.  How can we expect him to put God number one and his wife in second place if we do not do the same?

It is so easy to let our husband slip down our list of things that need our attention.  Suddenly you realize you haven't had a true conversation in a week.  Maybe it's been a few days since you kissed.  When was the last time you said I love you?  Yes, letting him slip down the list is easy to do.  But when we slip down his list, it hurts our feelings.  We feel unloved and unwanted.

We need to be intentional about making our husband a priority after God.  We need to be intentional about giving him our time and attention.  Intentional about telling him and showing him how much we love him.

This week's prayer:

God, I proclaim You Lord over my life.  Help me to seek You first every day and set my priorities in perfect order.  Reveal to me how to properly put my husband before children, work, family, friends, activities and interests. Show me what I can do right now to demonstrate to him that he has this position in my heart.  Mend the times I have caused him to doubt that.  Tell me how to prioritize everything so that whatever steals life away, or has no lasting purpose, will not occupy my time.

I pray for my husband's priorities to be in perfect order as well.  Be Lord and Ruler over his heart.  Help him to choose a simplicity of life that will allow him to have time alone with You, Lord, a place to be quiet in Your presence every day.  Speak to him about making Your Word, prayer and praise a priority.  Enable him to place me and our children in great prominence in his heart than career, friends and activities   I pray he will seek You first and submit his all to You, for when he does I know the other pieces of his life will fit together perfectly.


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