Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Miracle...

Good Morning!  Today is a great day to be is every day!  This week, I am extra thankful because God has once again been faithful to my family in a crisis!  You may have already read about this story from my daughter, Jenifer's, blog, ~Sweet Blessings~, but I need to tell the story here because I am so very thankful to God for His providence!.

My husband is an auto mechanic/welder who owns his own business.  In fact, he has been involved in automotive work since he was a little boy as his father owned a tow business and gas station/repair shop.  My 13 year old grandson also works at our shop in the afternoons helping out. 

On Monday afternoon, my husband had a truck on the lift doing exhaust work.  My grandson was under the lift helping my husband.  Just as my hubby finished the last weld, he turned the torch off and turned around to start putting his tools on the cart he uses.  At the same time, my grandson decided to step outside the lift are and into the doorway of the shop because he was cold.  Suddenly...the chain on the lift broke and the truck came crashing down. 

Let me tell you how good God you can see in the picture...the right front of the truck was completely on the ground.  This is the EXACT area where my grandson has been standing seconds before.  The middle of the truck was where my hubby was standing doing his work on the truck.  It is by God's divine intervention that neither of these precious souls was injured or killed. 

Now, let me share with you one more miracle...that morning, my daughter & son in law told my grandson to wear his overalls and heavy coat.  It was very cold on Monday.  My grandson, being the booger he can be sometimes {*smiles*} insisted that he didn't need the 'big' stuff' and he would be ok with his lighter weight jacket.  Friend...the reason my grandson was NOT under the right front of the truck when it fell is because 'he was cold' and wanted to get out of the wind.  If he had worn his heavier coat and overalls...he would have still been under the truck and have been smashed and severely injured or killed!  Praise God for my grandson's obstinance!!

My husband, while he was under the middle of the truck, was able to get out as it fell ... WITHOUT so much as a scratch!  Praise God!!  The sad part of the story is that my husband KNEW that Jeremiah was under the truck and began screaming for him.  As Jim was screaming for him, Jeremiah came running around the truck fearing that Jim had been smashed.  It was quite a scary moment for both.

There is nothing that can make you realize how good God is like seeing the miracles He performs on your behalf!  I am so very thankful that isn't finished with my husband or grandson on this earth!  I am so thankful that Jim & Jeremiah are still here with us.  I don't deserve the goodness of God...but I am glad that He loves me enough to give me the desires of my heart. 

Be sure to hug your loved ones every day and tell them how much you love them.  You never know when a crisis could come your way.  You never know when God will decide that He needs your loved one in heaven more than you do on earth! 

Take a few minutes today and count your blessings.  Take a few minutes to stop and smell the flowers in your life!  God is so good and merciful.

Have a blessed day,


  1. I cannot listen to this or read about it with crying. I am so very thankful for God's hand!! Praise be to God!!!

  2. Amen on your grandson and your husband!!! God wasn't ready for them yet!!!! And yes hug your family tight ALWAYS let them know you love them!! I saw my 22 year old nephew Jon July 4th -- i told him I love him and he said he loved me back and gave me a hug. Three am July 14th (ten days later) a 16 year old stabbed him to death. What we found out later was my nephew has accepted Christ into his heart 3 months before this happened. Life is short you never know when your or your families time is. Be right with Christ!


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