Friday, November 2, 2012

Some you time

This month we've been talking about giving our best to God and in turn giving our best to others as well, because when we serve God we're serving others. We're women right so we're good at putting others first, all the time. If you're a mom it's the kids. They need new shoes, their pants are too short, their hair is too long and their teeth need work so we tend to their needs. God forbid we get sick because there's no rest for the mom.

If you're a wife then it's your husband. He needs to leave for work at O dark thirty so that means you get up with him probably make his lunch, do you help him find clothes while he's in the shower? What about if he needs a haircut, do you cut his hair? He just told you he needs new socks and shoes because both have holes so off to the store you go and many many household duties.

None of these are bad...let me say that again NONE of these things are bad but eventually you will get worn out. You will snap at your children or your husband someone will end up crying (most likely you)

You can not give your best to anyone if you don't have anything to give. You go and go and go and you forget that you have to take care of you sometimes too. Maybe you're not a pedicure/manicure type of girl but your Spirit needs rebuilt at the end of the day. The world twists and turns and tears you down until you have nothing left and if you don't take time for yourself you'll just be a shell of a person.

In order to be the best mom, wife, coworker then there are times you're going to need to take for yourself.

That brings us to the guilt trip.

The trip that says what in the world are you doing sitting down. People need you, need this and that and this some more. get up! why are you resting what kind of mom are you. You're a terrible wife speed up work faster how dare you do anything for yourself when you're family needs things.

You know the voice..that horrible condescending voice that tells you you're awful if you even stop to breath.

Silence that voice. Pray, get in the Word and pray some more because that voice is not God. Sisters you have needs too and that's ok, that's how God created you. There are times where you're going to have to retreat to your room, close the door and just breath and that's ok. You can't give anythign if you don't have anything left to give.

This weekend take some time for yourself, it's not selfish. You're Spirit begs for's God's way of calling you because He misses you and He wants to refill you. You're a good mom, a good wife a good person for taking some time for yourself, so consider this your permission slip. It's been far too long...enjoy some you time that way you can serve God with a little pep in your step this coming week.


  1. Oh Mandy, I love how you did this! While I don't think it's really wrong to want that mani/pedi (or whatever) time, I do think that so often we mistake that "need" for me time as a real need for Jesus time. Thank you for this!


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