Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Beautiful Day & A Great Country!

Good afternoon!  It is a gorgeous fall day in the midwest!  I am excited to be able to take another opportunity to count some of my blessings.

Today I am thankful...

475.  ... for the chance to minister, with my church family, to the community.

476.  ... to see the smiles on so many faces of the people who came to our church's Fall Festival.

477.  ... for the excitement and joy on the face of a dear sister as she anticipates what God is doing in her family's life.

478.  ... for sunshine on a beautiful Fall day.

479.  ... for God's timely answer to prayers.

480.  ... to get the opportunity to spend some time with my beautiful granddaughter and grandson.

481.  ... for the continued miracles we see happening in our church.

482.  ... for reassurances from God's word when I am feeling overwhelmed.

483.  ... for this amazing country...the United States of America.  She's not perfect, but I am so thankful to be an American!

484.  ... for the right & privilege to participate in the election process.

485.  ... that I know God is in control...even when it seems to not be so.

So, what are you thanking God for today?  Comment below with your list!

Have a great day thanking God!!!

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