Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Worship Wednesday ~ It Started at the Cross

Today at Woman to Woman Minsitries we are in week four of our study, 
"The Air I Breath, Worship as a Way of Life" by ~Louie Giglio
~What God Wants Most For You~
Wooden Church Cross

In order to truly worship we need to have something.......Jesus Christ. Without Him we will never know what true worship means. We must know Him and experience His goodness way down to the depths of our souls, for worship to begin. This is what the Father wants for us. He wants to give us this gift of His son, of eternal life, so that we can intimately know and worship Him in the way He deserves.
"The kind of worshipers God is looking for are those who will worship Him as their Father - in spirit and in truth. To worship God in spirit requires that we be alive on the inside , experiencing the life He gives by spiritual birth. Without His life you can never truly worship. And to worship in truth means to worship God as He really is, bringing more than our words, but bringing words amplified by an authentic life that flows from being spiritually remade within." ~ Giglio
To truly worship requires one key ingredient, faith. We must have faith to believe in who the Savior is and to accept Him into our hearts and lives. This has to happen so that we can worship Him the way He wants.
The ability to believe in the Savior is not a free gift. It came at a very high cost the death of Jesus Christ. He bore our sin and shame so that we might be broken free from our sorrows and be reborn through His death. It's because of this......because of the cross that worship happens.
"That why at the center of all true worship stands a wonderful cross...the cross on which the son of God died." ~ Giglio
The first time the Savior was every worshiped, took place at the foot of the cross. The Roman soldier who stood there watching, who had taken part in the brutal beating and mocking of the chosen One realized what had been done once Jesus took His last breath..... 
"When the centurion and those with Him who were guarding Jesus saw the earthquake and all that had happened, they were terrified, and exclaimed, "Surely he was the Son of God!" ~Matthew 27:54
I ask you sisters.....have you received His gift? Have you accepted Him as your Savior? If not, pray and ask for forgiveness of your sins, ask Him to come into your hearts and be Lord of your life. God sent His Son to restore order to the lost world and to bring us back to Him as His own. Trust Him, give it all over to Him and worship Him in such a way like you never have before!
Many Blessings~



  1. Shari, this is beautiful! Worship requires faith, that is so true and so beautiful!

  2. Love these quotes from Louie Giglio. Thanks for sharing this beautiful truth!


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