Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Busy I'm SO Busy!!

If you've mentioned the above statement in the last month, week, day then this Resolution is for you.

We're diving into the next Resolution "I Resolve to devote myself completley to God's priorities for my life."

Every day I hear someone new say "I'm just so busy!" or "We live in such a busy world..." or "I don't have time, I have to do this this and this and then I have to do this over here..."

Do you know, or do you believe that God doesn't want you to be that busy? He has priorities for your life, it's YOU that's making yourself so busy. It's not Him. There's a special balance that we have to achieve in our lives or we'll be spinning our wheels but never getting anywhere and then one day God will look at us and say "Why didn't you do what I asked you to do?" I don't think you can tell the King of Kings you were "too busy".

We each have things in our lives. Imagine lining up your priorities one by one.

Now think about where these priorities line up with you? Do you blow off your friends because you're just oh so busy? Do you blow off your quiet time because you just have to check facebook then run to the bank then go to the grocery store? What about house hold duties? Is your house a mess because you just don't have time?

I don't know that I've found the secret to a balanced life but honestly I'm letting God handle it. I have a food pantry at Church. I clean for a couple places a few times a week for some extra money and then I have my family. I meet with a friend every Saturday and I'm not stressed at all. I used to tell myself I wish I was busy but why? What if someone needed me? What if God wanted to tell me something but I couldn't hear it because of all the buzzing in my head from my to-do list. God forbid I miss instruction from Him because of my selfishness.

Sisters don't get so busy that you miss hearing from God or you miss a divine appointment with a friend. Life is too short to blow off family or friend time, you may not get that chance again. Sometimes you have to say no to your so called to do list so you don't miss out on the things God wants you to say yes to.

Today listen to God. Listen for His voice. Before you even finish reading this sentence stop and pray and ask God what HE wants you to do today and then work at it with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. Give God your best ladies, I promise you will be blessed because of it.

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  1. Great post! I have to confess something. I keep hearing people say they are busy and listen to all they have to do and think, "Really? I have triple that on my plate!!" (I know, that is so not fair of me to say!!) I feel so busy all of the time but it is all about balance. I don't want to be so busy that I can't hear God or do for Him. Thank you for this encouragement!


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