Friday, August 24, 2012

Compliments and Affirmation

I'm not good and receiving compliments. I can give them all day long but when it comes to receiving they just go in one ear and out the other...bells in my head start going off telling me "oh she's just being nice, she doesn't really mean it..." "don't listen to her you don't have cute clothes and your hair looks stringy.." Maybe that's why I don't really remember a compliment I've ever gotten.

Last week we talked about living authentically...taking off the mask and asking a close friend what she sees in you that makes you special...did you do that? If you truly received those words into your Spirit you received affirmation straight from God's heart.

I think on this quote a lot, I heard it a while ago...

"Any light you see in me is because Jesus put it there"

When you see yourself through Jesus eyes you become more able to give and receive compliments and affirmation from another human being openly and freely so.

This weekend your goal is to pick a few people that you have either just met or have known for a long time to compliment...let them know you see something special in them. Let them know Jesus also sees something special in them.

Live out the light that Jesus put in your heart so that you can start living authentically and openly your Christian Life.You only get one life, let someone know you love them and think they are special, you never know how it will change their life...

Our Resolution for this month is "I will accept and celebrate my uniqueness and will esteem and encourage the distinctions I admire in others"

Think on this, pray on this and then sign your heart to another resolution made in front of God, Himself. If you would like to review past resolutions please click on the tabs to the side of this post labeled "Resolution for Women Bible Study".

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