Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cheese Burger Roll

Welcome to another Tasty Tuesday! Today I want to share a tasty recipe with you. We call it Cheeseburger Roll. My grandma made it for my dad when he was a kid and the recipe has lasted from then till now and I make it for my kids. It's super simple and hardly takes any ingredients at all...

You will need:

A can of biscuits OR a can of crescent rolls
Ground turkey or hamburger (we use turkey)
Cheddar Cheese

To make:

Brown the hamburger in a skillet

Add ketchup to the hamburger (not enough to soak it, just enough to say it's wet, or else the ketchup over powers the taste and it's gross)

Roll the can of biscuits or rolls out on a cookie sheet with a rolling pin (sometimes we make bread dough BUT that takes forever so we do this, it's easier)

Place the hamburger mixture down the middle of the dough, sprinkle cheddar cheese over the hamburger, then roll up the edges of the dough like a burrito

Place in the oven and cook according to the directions on the can of rolls or biscuits

We serve this with french fries

I hope if you try this super easy recipe you will enjoy it!!

I got this from google but this is what it looks like. You can use anything, green peppers, bacon, pepperonis whatever you want, make it your own!

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