Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Chats" with W2W ~ Living Honest

Good evening everyone, I'm sorry this is so late...I've been having technical difficulties getting this loaded, totally my fault for waiting until the last minute! Since it still isn't loaded and it's getting late I figured I would just write it out for all of you. This is something that I feel very strongly God wants me to talk about, I hope it ministers to you as it did me when God spoke to me.

Today I want to talk about living honest. It’s so easy to live double lives. You live one way on your blog or at your church and you live a completely different way at home with your family. I am a mother of two young children a 3 and a 4 year old. I’ve been a wife for almost 7 years now and I struggle with yelling at my children and picking fights with my husband. These are two major things that God and I are working on (among other things) but it’s no good for me to go to church with a plastic smile on my face after just yelling at my kids or picking on my husband when both my kids and my husband know the truth…this causes them to stumble. We are surrounded by people watching us, friends, families acquaintances even unbelievers. All of these people are watching us, watching to see how we will respond to the world around us…if you go to church with a plastic smile on your face telling everyone that your life is great and perfect but on the inside you’re falling apart what good does that do? People will sense and know the truth. If you need help ask for it, if you’re sick let someone know so they can be praying. If you’re upset with someone go to that person and settle the dispute don’t walk around with a fake smile and a seaminly perfect life when people around you can pray for you and can lift you up. The bible says we need to carry each others burdens, if you have a burden tell someone, find some help. It’s no good to be fake when everyone around you knows something is wrong. The same goes with if you have a blog, don’t teach one way of life the Christian way and then go out doing wordly things…even if none of your followers see you God sees you and everything done in the dark will be made known…live a life of integrity, be honest with God, with intentionally as if you were being watched and you were the only Bible people would ever read.
Today I'm curious, do you make it a point to live with integrity? What are some ways you do this? Is it something you work on daily with the Lord? Are there certain ways you live intentionally?


  1. I definitely *try* to live with integrity, but I know there are times that I am not living with integrity. Something I definitely work on! EXCELLENT post, Mandy!!

  2. EXCELLENT POST! I know, all too well, how easy it is to go to church with that plastic smile. Been there, done that! I am thankful to say that it hasn't happened in a while. Integrity...I wonder sometimes, if it isn't a thing of the past!

    I do my very best at trying to be a woman of integrity. Thank you for this awesome reminder!!

  3. Mandy, love your post. It is something all of us should work on. It is all to easy to be one way at home and another way in the publics eye. If we have trouble living the same on both sides there is someone to call on and that someone is Jesus. He sees everything. Thanks for the reminder.

    Blessings to you.


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