Monday, April 23, 2012

Marriage Monday - Love Dare 11

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If our toaster stops working, we throw it out and get a new.  If the light bulb burns out, we trash it and replace it.  If our mascara dries up, we toss it and open a new tube.  We live in a time where marriage is looked at in the same way.  If it doesn't work, give up and start over.

Years ago a family friend injured both of his hands severely while at work.  He was bandaged and did not have use of them for months.  He would never have just tossed his hands out and bought new.  No.  His hands are part of him.

You are part of one another.  You would never cut off your hand if it were injured but pay whatever you could afford for the best medical treatment possible.  That's because your hand is priceless to you.  It is a part of you.  This is how we should be with our marriage.  Your spouse is a part of who you are. You are one.  You do what you can to save your marriage when it is bad and to always cherish it.  You treat your spouse as part of you.

It's time to realize that your spouse is as much a part of your as your hand, your eye or your heart.  He, too, needs to be loved and cherished.

{As I have noted before, this is not the case for abuse, if that is the case, seek help now or email me and I will help you get the needed help}

The picture to the right is one my sister recently posted on Facebook.  I 
love seeing mature couples who have been married many years.  I pray that when my children and grandchildren are well into their adults years they see mature couples still married.  But that means now that we have to cherish marriage and teach our children to cherish marriage.

Today's Dare:
What need does your spouse have that you could meet today?  Can you run an errand?  Give a back rub or foot massage?  Is there housework you could help with (that he normally does)?  Choose a gesture that says, "I cherish you" and do it with a smile.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. I love this post so much. I am so tired of 'throw away' marriage. When we say our vows at our wedding, we say "until death do us part." Why do we take that so lightly? Marriage is a FOREVER joining of 2 souls and those 2 souls become 1 flesh!

    I am like you. I love seeing mature couples in a warm embrace or lovingly walking hand in hand. I love to see them give each other that warm, gentle kiss. Seeing those kinds of things from a mature couple actually gives me hope that I will one day share those tender moments with my honey. And we are well on our way...we've been married 36 years this year!

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the 'foreverness' of marriage!

  2. Love your post. Love that picture also. Our partner in marriage knows us probably better than we do ourselves especially after 55 years of a wonderful life with Papa. I love him more now than I did when we got married, I never knew that would be possible. I didn't say I never get angry with him *big smiles*.

    Blessings to you and love you.


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