Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Something To Think About...

You are stuck home alone with the kids while your husband is out with the guys.  Once you finally get a break from playing referee, you sit down to your computer and see an old friend on Facebook, a male friend who just wants to chat.

Your husband hasn't touched you in days.  He has been grumpy and distant.  You run to the store and see a friend, a male friend, who greets you with a warm hug and tells you that you are looking nice these days.

A guy friend of your husband's posts on Facebook about bringing his wife roses and taking her to dinner tonight.  You get jealous realizing that it's been years since your husband brought you flowers and the last time he took you to dinner was drive thru.

Recognize any of these situations?

When we are in a vulnerable situation; lonely, sad, tired, depressed, over worked, or feeling separated from our husband, Satan swoops in and uses that time to tempt us in a big way.  You can say this will never happen to me, but then you find yourself in a situation like above and never becomes uh-oh.

Am I saying men and women cannot be friends?  No, not really.  But I am saying when we are married, there is a whole new set of rules when it comes to the man-woman relationship.  

Let's talk about the hug, touching.  We all love to be hugged.  We all love to be touched.  One of the love languages is touch.  Sisters, when a man, other than someone in your family, hugs you, make it a sideways hug.  This keeps feelings, emotion, temptations, out of the way.

Now about social media.  I know of a woman who only allows men in her family to be her friends on Facebook.  Am I suggesting you go through and do a drastic cleaning out of your friend list?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  What I am suggesting is that you talk it over with your husband.  Set guidelines for the both of you.  Don't accept any friend requests of the opposite gender without consulting your husband.  If he is even in the slightest bit concerned, delete.  One thing that I have done is gone "offline."  Being offline means no one can tell when I am on Facebook, therefore no one can chat with me.  Yes, they can still send messages, but not chat.  When you see that person is on and available to chat, it leaves it open for temptation to talk to that person.  Never, ever hide messages or friends from your husband.  If you feel as though you "need" to delete messages so they are not seen, then you shouldn't have had that conversation in the first place.  Steer clear of sending messages with men not in your family altogether.  

Skpe is great.  What an incredible way for families who live far away to see each other as they talk.  But sisters, never Skpe with a man not in your family while your husband is not in the room.  Too dangerous!  Just think if you walked in the room and saw your husband on Skpe with a woman who was only a "friend."

Sisters, I know many of you are sitting there saying this will never happen to me.  I love my husband.  I would never do this.  But ladies, we all have times when we are open and vulnerable.  Satan feeds off those times.  Be careful.  Treat your marriages as a fragile piece of china.  Think of these things in a reversed role.  If your husband did this, you would be hurt.  So why would it be okay for us?

Just something to think about today.

Sweet Blessings~


  1. Wise advise! Satan will take foothold with even the slightest of openings. We have to be ever on our guard. If our marriage is important to should be easy to protect it. We must NEVER let even the simplest, most innocent of situations be a chance for the enemy.

    Great post!

  2. Great post with so much to think about. I also would as a wife talk to my husband. Husbands are not mind readers. Write a letter if you can't talk to him for whatever reason. It takes action, lots of action to keep a marriage healthy.


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