Thursday, April 26, 2012

Counting my many blessings...

Good Morning! What a great week it's been thus far! Today we are continuing to count down our blessings. I hope you are joining as we do this. It's amazing to see my blessings written down. It truly helps me to be thankful for each and every one of them.

Today I am thankful...
156. ... for lunch with my family after church.

157. ... for the wonderful surprise of having my beautiful daughter & her family join us for lunch after church when I didn't think they would be able to make it.

158. ... that I had the opportunity to see one of my granddaughters in her school program.

159. ... for another Friday...I get to see my hubby drive his race car again (*smiles - if you know me, that's a little sarcastic...but I AM trying to be a little less crabby about it!*)

160. ... for the opportunity to share in 'Big Church' this week. I love Children's ministry and that is my passion but I also love to get the chance to share with adults!

161. ... for last weekend...the whole weekend...spent with my first grandchild. She is now 14...she won't want to spend the time with Nana & B'bo very much longer! I love that she wants to be with us.

162. ... that summer is on the way.

163. ... for time spent with my hubby. I love when we are together. Even when we don't do anything special...just being together is refreshing.

164. ... for the message I have for the church on Sunday. God gave me this message several months ago. Now as the day approaches, I see how timely it is.

165. ... for the expectations I have for what God is going to do on Sunday!

166. ... for the freedom to share my blessings with the readers of this blog.

167. ... for EXERCISE! I's weird that I would say that but I have honestly started LOVING to workout. Perhaps the reason is that I get to do it with my beautiful daughter. (*smiles*)

168. ... for my sons-in-law & daughter-in-law & for the son-in-law to be (whoever he is). Actually, I hate the 'in-law' term. When my child marries, I adopt that spouse as my own because they are now a part of my family.

169.  ... for ceiling fans.  It helps keep the air off for a little longer!

170. ... that God doesn't require me to 'get all cleaned up' before I go to Him. He accepts me just as I am. He loves me no matter how 'dirty' I am with sin. He wraps His arms around me and comforts me.

I think I will stop there today. What are you thankful for today? Have you taken a few minutes to count your blessings?

Have a great day...why not go out and get a little of the SON today,


  1. What a great list of things to be thankful for. I especially love the last one. God accepts us for how we are. He just wants us to call on Him. Thank you for sharing your list with us.

    Blessings to you and love you.

  2. Love your list. Today I am thankful for the fact that God is always there. He never leaves me, ever.

  3. Are you preaching in church on Sunday? How exciting!

  4. Yes, Shari...I am preaching in church. I've done it before but it's a rarity since I am typically in children's church. I am looking forward to it.


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