Monday, January 23, 2012

Marriage Monday

A question to start your week:

When was the last time you did something nice for your husband?

Took his truck to the car wash, bought him a coffee and took it to his work, done a chore that he hates, picked up his dry cleaning, had his favorite blanket sitting in his favorite chair for after work, the list is unending!

This may be way too much information, but hey, we are sisters right?  In our house after we get our tax money, we splurge and the whole family gets new socks and under garments for the year.  An exciting time in a woman's life let me tell ya!  {smiles}  Well my dear hubby's under shirts look like they were more than nine months old, more like five years old!  So this past week I was at the store and decided to do something nice and pick up a pack of undershirts for him.  He was very excited to see that he could wear an undershirt without numerous holes in it.  He was grateful that I thought of him.

This made me think, how often do I really do spontaneous, nice gestures for him?  I do things around the house like getting his clothes out or having his favorite blanket out, but just random, off the wall, spontaneous gestures, I can't remember the last time I did.  Time to change that!

Today you are challenged to do something random that he will not be expecting.  What is he in need of that you can buy/do?  What does he hate doing that you can do for him?  What treat does he love that you can show up to work with?  Spend some time really thinking about this, then do it, today!

Be sure to comment below telling us what you did, or head over to our Facebook page and share with us there.

Sweet Blessings~



  1. HI Jenifer - some great ideas. We constantly have to work on our marriages and looking out for him, going the extra mile, it all counts.
    God bless

  2. I think with my husband it is just taking care of the things he's asked of me. Like keeping the office desk clear of clutter, so he can easily work from home if he needs to. Or keeping up on his laundry. I'm learning with my husband it's as simple as just reaching out to him with a kiss or a hug for no reason or scratching his back as he falls asleep. Great reminder Jenifer :)

  3. I love coming home from the store with a treat for my husband - box of Whoppers, chocolate donuts, or a Sprite. He lets him know that I was thinking of him while I was out.


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