Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh How He Loves!

Yesterday, one of my friends posted this on Facebook, "Would my sweet friends please pray for a mom I just met who desperately needs joy in her life... Thank you!"  God has been speaking to my heart about becoming more compassionate and praying for others, so I began to pray for this woman.   I told God - I don't know this woman, I don't know her situation, I don't even know her name.  Then God impressed upon my heart, "But I do".  

God knows this woman's name and everything about her. 

That realization just brought amazing peace and joy to my heart.  Suddenly the sky seemed brighter and the trees more colorful.  Tears came to my eyes and I felt like dancing. Why this sudden overwhelming joy?  

Because we serve a personal, living God and He knows my name too!

Can you imagine?  God knows you and He is crazy in love with you!  

Think about this - there are about 6.8 billion people in the world today.  You can't possibly know all those people.  So let's narrow it down.  As of today, there are about 312,402,576 people in the United States.  Still too many people to know, right?  What if you just want to know Lisa Phelps (me)?  There are about 208 people in the U.S. with that name, so which one are you talking about?  It can all be really overwhelming for us - but not for God!

God looks down from His royal throne through all the galaxies and stars, past the sun and moon, through all the clouds to you.  God sees you!

He knows the color of your eyes, and the number of hairs of your head.  He knows your likes and dislikes, the way you move and which side of the bed you sleep on.  God knows your name and your heart and He loves you!

How can we keep from singing His praise? 

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  1. Hi Lisa - its so humbling that with all those people in the world, with all their needs, that God cares about each and every one. Great post
    God bless

  2. this is so so good. God not only loves us but He sees us AND knows us, each one of His children intimatley.

  3. It still amazes me that God knows me and loves me. But He does. He knows me by name. He calls me friend. How incredible! How can we not feel like dancing? Great post.

  4. I SO love this post, Lisa. It's easy for me to lose sight of that verse and the message behind it. When you think about it, there are SO many moms out there needing that same prayer.
    Thanks for sharing this :)
    Love to you,

  5. This posting brings joy in my life!

  6. I am in awe at His ability and His love! So glad He knows my name :)

  7. Lisa, what an awesome post! A great picture too! I marvel at the awesomeness of our God!

  8. After all the recovery and healing I've done, this simple concept is still incredibly difficult to grasp sometimes. He loves me just the way I am, regardless of my mistakes and bad choices. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully wrap my mind around it.


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