Monday, September 26, 2011

Marriage Monday - You Are Not His Holy Spirit

Only four more days!  I have been so very excited for the new movie that comes out this Friday, Courageous.  If you have not heard of this movie, I encourage you to check it out!  You will not be disappointed.  The theme, so to speak, of Courageous is to turn the hearts of men to God and home.  How awesome!  And truly, the movie may be geared toward men, but it is for everyone.  Grab your husband for a date night or maybe some couples for an adult night out and enjoy the movie.

Today I want talk to you about something has God dealt with me on before.  Maybe even more than once, ah-hem.  Have you ever seen a movie or read a marriage book or whatever the case may be, and wished your husband would do that? You wish he would take the boys fishing, take your daughter on a date, say the dinner prayers, read the Bible to the family, and so on.  If we were honest, we could all probably say that has happened to us before.  For many of us we voice this to our husband, maybe even nag them about it.

This can be a dangerous thing.

Hear me sisters, you are not his Holy Spirit.

Nagging him about leading family devotions, praying with you before bed, or taking a more active role in the family is not the way to get him to do it.  As a matter of fact, it likely makes him never want to do it.  The more you push, the more you push him away.  It is the 'job' of the Holy Spirit to push your husband on these things, not you.  The Holy Spirit knows what He is doing so let Him do it.

When you see the movie Courageous (and you will, right!?) you will likely see things you wish your husband did.  Whether it never crossed your mind before or you have prayed daily for it for years.  The truth is that your husband will be touched by this movie.  Even if he already is a strong spiritual leader in your home and family.

Sisters, I want to warn you, when you see this movie and go home, do not try to tell your husband what he is doing wrong.  Do not try to make him change or make him step up to the plate.  Instead, quietly lift him in prayer that God would work in his heart and life.  Pray that God would lead him to be the man He intends your husband to be.  And most important, pray that God would help you to be the wife and mother God intends and that He would help you to be a support, a helpmate to your husband.  And when your husband has a bad day or a set back, do not condemn him.  Continue to pray for him.

Once more ladies, you are not his Holy Spirit.

Nope.  Don't even try.  Be that silent prayer warrior and supporter.  

Sweet Blessings~

Please check out Courageous here and here.  You will be blessed! 


  1. I'm excited about seeing this movie! My husband used to kid around with me shortly after we got married, and would call me his "visual Holy Spirit". Ever since then, I have worked really hard at taking my issues with him to the Lord instead, and it has been amazing to see him grow when God convicts him; not me! The best thing is: God usually convicts him of totally different things than I would, but it makes him way better than I could have ever imagined! Great Post, Jenifer!

  2. Great advice. Reminded me of the verse in Proverbs "better to live on the corner of a rooftop than to share a house with a nagging wife" Prayer is much better/productive route!

  3. Hi Jenifer - I've done that and run to the bible to find something to hit him over the head with, and then I find the scriptures Eileen refers to. I have learnt that the changes start with me - and sometimes I'm so frustrated about that, but until I make a change, with the Lord, things remain the same. God honours our attempt to change ourselves and starts to work in our husbands. Great post
    God bless

  4. Jenifer, this is very good and very timely encouragement. In fact, it's something God and I have been talking about recently. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Jenifer, thank you for this wisdom! I am sure our godly husbands will feel just the right conviction for them from the Lord himself and not me :) Can't wait to see the movie!

  6. Great advice! Sometimes I think I should say something but when I do it always backfires. So I will let the Holy Spirit do His work and I'll get out of His way. Thanks for the info on the movie. I'll check it out.

    blessings and love,


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